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Spring Cylinder – Model 05182

About the Model 05182 Spring Cylinder: 

The Spring Cylinder, a standard feature on our top and bottom loading arms, offers a remarkable range of motion with a vertical angle of 100°C (+80°C / -20°C) from the horizontal position. This functionality ensures effortless and well-balanced manoeuvrability across its entire range. These specially designed springs prioritise both ease of use and operator safety.

This unit is equipped with high-quality compression springs, available in Low, Medium, Strong, and Extra Strong variants to accommodate various weight requirements. You can fine-tune spring tension and working angles as needed. Crafted from durable carbon steel, this robust design features compression springs housed within a sealed steel casing.

The Model 05182 Spring Balancing Cylinder is a maintenance-free unit, and the compression springs within the cylinder are not replaceable due to their high level of compression.

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