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Long Range Food Duty Top Loading Arm – Model 2385-LR

Long Range Food Duty Top Loading Arm – Model 2385-LR

The Long Range Food Duty Top Loading arm provides the greatest reach of all top loaders for food. It is mounted on a horizontal boom assembly that gives a wide range of operation on both vertical and horizontal planes. This allows multiple truck or rail car compartments to be loaded without the need for re-positioning.

This loading arm is supplied with a with three Swivel Joints and one Swivel Elbow for vertical and horizontal positioning, The Swivel elbow includes to handles so that the operator can easily manoeuvre the loading arm into the tanker.

In addition this food duty arm is made as standard in Stainless Steel with an option of a range of seals to suit most medias. More exotic materials are also available on request.

Furthermore the arm also includes, a compression spring balance cylinder for ease of movement, a loading valve with either hold-open or stay-open operation, extension/remote control for outboard loading valve operation, fitted with a vacuum breaker to allow fast drainage. Lastly, the model 2385 Long Range Food Duty Top Loading Arm can be manufactured in right or left hand configuration, please advise your requirement with your enquiry.

For more designs, please head to our loading arm page where you can find a range of Loading and Unloading Arms.

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Available Sizes:

2″ / 3″ / 4″


Stainless Steel

Operating Conditions:

Design Pressure 10.0 Bar G

Test Pressure 15.0 Bar G


-15° C / +65°C

Seal Material:

PTFE (FDA approved)


Flute beak end

Flow detectors

Micro switch to signal when valve opened or closed

NDT tests (X-ray)

Alternative designs and specifications for the Model 2385-LR-F are available on request

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