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Triple Range Top Loading/Unloading Arm | Top Loading Arms | Model 2503-BC

Triple Range Top Loading/Unloading Arm – Model 2503-BC

The triple range top loading/unloading arm is used for road tanker & rail car applications for transferring from a top or side connection point. This arm can be configured for loading or unloading, please specify with your enquiry. Due to this arms dynamics it tend to be used with chemicals where a flange connection is required for loading or unloading. As there is no vapour recovery or space for vapour to escape this arm must only be used with tankers that have a separate vapour recovery point. These are often situated at the bottom of the tanker for connection with a flexible hose.

This model of arm has five swivel joints for full vertical and horizontal rotation, balanced by a spring cylinder for ease of operator movement. A ball valve is installed for product flow control and a TTMA safety breakaway coupling to prevent damage and spillage in the case of vehicle movement during filling. The mating connection tend to be by loose flange however threaded or dry break coupling alternatives are also available. This Triple Range Top Loading/Unloading Arm can be mounted on a site/gantry structure, mounting plates are also available on request.

For more designs, please head to our loading arm page where you can find a range of Loading and Unloading Arms.

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Available Sizes:

2″ x 2″ / 3″ x 3″ / 4″ x 4″


Stainless Steel

Operating Pressure:

Up to 15.Bar G

Seal Material:



-15°C / +65°C


Safety breakaway coupling model 4222

Locking device for arm in the parking position

Dry disconnect instead of flange

Stand post and pillow block for supporting the arm

Sight glass

NDT tests (X-Ray)

Alternative designs and specifications for the Mode 2503-BC are available on request

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Chemical, Petrochemical, Other




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