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Telescopic Drop Tube

Telescopic Drop Tube

The increasing demand for top loading arms with vapour recovery systems has led to the design of a drop tube drive device. The aim is to reduce splashing when the tube comes into contact with the bottom of the tank. The tube length is controlled by a small hand-wheel which enables the tube to go up and down.

By acting on the driving device, it is possible to control the extension/shortening of the drop tube. This is the right compromise between manoeuvrability and the keeping the contact with the tank bottom. This driving device works with a handwheel that rolls the two cables into coils and controls the length of the telescopic tube. It is available with manual or pneumatic operation.

At this current time, we offer three different types of the drop tube.

For other loading arm accessories, please head to the bottom of our loading arm page where you can find a range valves, accessories and signal switches which are all compatible with our loading arms.

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Telescopic drop tube driving device – Model 4517

Manual device with handwheel (C-4517) – Model 4418

Pneumatic device with engine (C-4543) – Model 4418

Alternative designs and specifications for the telescopic drop tube are available on request