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API Coupler Locking Device

API Coupler Locking Device

The API Coupler Locking Device for liquid and vapour API Couplers are designed to lock the valve in the rest position. As a result the loading arm is also locked in the parking position.

The locking device must be installed on a fixed structure or on a special stand-post so that the loading arm, once connected to the device, does not move; obviously until it is unlocked. The locking device for coupler in rest position, must be installed on fixed structures or on a special stand post, so that the loading arm, once connected to the device, has no chance of moving unless you have unlocked.


  • C-3659-31
  • C-3682-6

Please note:

The locking device can also be equipped with a proximity switch, this signals that the coupler is correctly connected and the loading arm is in the rest position.

For other loading arm accessories, please head to the bottom of our loading arm page where you can find a range valves, accessories and signal switches which are all compatible with our loading arms.

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