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Long Range Top Loading Arm Electrically Heated with Rigid Vapour Recovery – Model 2902-TRC

Long Range Top Loading Arm Electrically Heated with Rigid Vapour Recovery – Model 2902-TRC

EW Fuel Management supply the long range top loading arm electrically heated with rigid vapour recovery. This model is designed for the transfer of chemical products, consequently, it is provided with twin pipe lines for liquid filling and vapour return. It also comes with a cone for vapour recovery.

Incorporated into the design you have four style 40 base swivel joint and two style 70 double swivel joints. As well as that a spring balance cylinder, level sensor and vertical drop tube are manufactured ensure this loading arm is fully protected from the hot products.

For the 3″ it has a flow rate of 35 mc/h Max, the 4” has a flow rate of 60 mc/h Max and finally the 6” has a flow rate of 125 mc/h Max.

For more designs, please head to our loading arm page where you can find a range of Loading and Unloading Arms.

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Available Sizes:

3″x 2″ / 4″ x 3″ / 6″ x 4″


Stainless Steel

Operating Conditions:

Design Pressure 10.0 Bar G

Test Pressure 15.0 Bar G


-15° C / +200°C

Seal Material:



Locking device arm in parking position

Stand post C-4928-A Model

Double level sensors

Electronic level sensor instead pneumatic type


NDT test (RT-PT-MT) available on request

Alternative designs and specifications for the Model 2902-TRC are available on request

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