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Long Range Top Loading Arm with rigid vapour recovery | Top Loading Arms | Model 2902

Long Range Top Loading Arm with rigid vapour recovery – Model 2902

The long range top loading arm with rigid vapour recovery is designed for aggressive and toxic media. The bottom boom, often the larger, is the product line and this is used to fill the products. The top boom is the vapour recovery line and carries the vapour given off by the fluid. This loading arm includes a vapour recover cone which fits into the manhole trapping the vapour and forcing it out through the vapour recovery line. This not only stops vapour polluting the atmosphere but it also improves profitability as the vaporised product can potentially be recovered. The two booms are connected together and operate simultaneously, effectively working as one arm.

The Long Range Top Loading Arm with rigid vapour recovery two booms consist of four swivel joints for horizontal and vertical movement. A pneumatic cylinder for up and down movement with apex and base push buttons to operate. A pneumatic ball valve which is also operated by push buttons located at the apex and base. As this arm includes the vapour recovery cone it means you cannot see the level of the fluid in the tanker, for this reason the arm is fitted with an overfill sensor. The overfill sensor senses when the fluid has reached a set level near the top and sends a electrical signal either shutting of the valve, the bump or even both.

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Available Sizes:

3″ x 2″ / 4″ x 3″


Stainless Steel

Operating Pressure:

Up to 15 Bar

Seal Material:



-15°C / +65°C


Flute beak end

Flow detector

Locking device for arm when in parking position

NDT test (X-Ray) available on request

Alternative designs and specifications for the Model 2902 are available on request

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Chemical, Petrochemical, Other


Top Loading Arm




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