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Bottom Loading Arm Flexible Hose | Bottom Loading Arms | Model 750/740

Bottom Loading Arm Flexible Hose

The bottom loading flexible hose or Model 750/740 is EWFM’s most popular bottom loading arm. Due to the design, this allows for multiple arms to cross over each other in loading bays in the filling process. Ultimately, this means that multiple fluids can be filled from the same station to different connection points of a tanker or rail car. Instead of having a drop tube, this loading arm has a composite hose. This allows for a slight flexibility for users to reach filling points and stagger with other arms. If needed, we supply colour coded hose covers so you can easily distinguish between each of the fluid types.

This arm is manufactured with four swivel joints incorporated into the design which allows for smooth operation as two are used for vertical movement and the other two are used for horizontal movement. The final elbow is installed with a steering handle for ease of control when positioning the bottom loading arm to the mating tanker.

As a standard, this loading arm is fitted with an API female coupler for a quick and easy connection, however, this can be changed to dry disconnect coupling on request. If you are looking for a vapour return variation of this arm, it can be modified with different seal systems and a vapour coupling to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution then the 740 model is the ideal arm for you but if you are looking for a long lasting loading arm then the model 750 is what you are looking for.

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Available Sizes:

3″ / 4″


Carbon Steel

Operating Pressure:

Up to 15 Bar G

Alternative designs and specifications for the Model 750/740 are available on request

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Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical


Bottom Loading Arm







API Coupler Locking Device, API Coupler Proximity Switch, Colour Coded Hose and Pipe Covers, Drip Buckets