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Loading Arm Luffing Switch

Loading Arm Luffing Switch

The Loading Arm Luffing Switch permits loading only when the arm is in the correct downward position. The correct downward position is at 10° below the horizontal. Therefore, it prevents loading operations unless the loading arm is situated in the working position. By changing The switch position, it is possible to get the signal to operate when the arm is in the upper or parking position. The luffing switch can be used with our range of top or bottom loading arms.


EWFM can offer top or bottom loading arms equipped with electrical components to signal many different positions or conditions. Signals which come from the electrical components can be given with the use of either electro-mechanical microswitches or proximity switches. Both types of switches are made to ATEX standards and they will have certification with them.

For other loading arm signal switches, please head to the bottom of our loading arm page where you can find a range valves, accessories and signal switches which are all compatible with our top and bottom loading arms.

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