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Triple Range Jacketed Bottom Unloading Arm-Model 2454-BC-JACK

Triple Range Jacketed Bottom Unloading Arm – Model 2454-BC-JACK

EWFM supply the Triple Range Jacketed Bottom Unloading Arm which is connected to a bottom unloading point. This unloading arm is triple range therefore giving it great flexibility. It is used for unloading hydrocarbons and chemicals that require heating for transfer. It is designed for both tank trucks and rail cars.

This model is mounted directly on to a riser post which can be offered separately. Similar to the model 2454 -BC-TRC, this arm has one style 40 swivel joint and two style 70 swivel joints. However, both of these swivel joints have heat jackets on them which will protect the metal from the hot products flowing through the arm. The base support situated on the bottom of the loading arm is designed to give stability during the filling process with the handle allowing for easy manoeuvrability.

For more designs, please head to our loading arm page where you can find a range of Loading and Unloading Arms.

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Available Sizes:

3″ x 2″ / 4″ x 3″ / 6″ x 4″


Stainless Steel

Operating Conditions:

Design Pressure 5.0 Bar G

Test Pressure 7.5 Bar G


-15° C / +200°C

Seal Material:



Locking device arm in parking position

Stand post C-4928-A Model

Double level sensors

Electronic level sensor instead pneumatic type


NDT test (RT-PT-MT) available on request

Alternative designs and specifications for the Model 2454-JACK are available on request

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