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Come fly with EWFM

The aviation industry is at an all-time high due to the relaxation of the COVID-19 rules and regulations, particularly in the United Kingdom. Over the past couple of years, the airline industry has suffered due to the pandemic, as most people were either not allowed to travel or didn’t want to because of the procedures… Continue reading Come fly with EWFM

Keeping Aircraft in the Sky

It is that time of year again when our seaside resorts host an Airshow to entertain and delight aircraft enthusiasts and tourists as well as boosting the local economy.  With around 30 Airshows (and Flypasts) in the UK each year and many more around the world their popularity is growing. The Red Arrows; everyone’s favourite… Continue reading Keeping Aircraft in the Sky

Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

EWFM supply a range of aviation refuelling nozzles.  Our range includes the G457 Hot refuelling Nozzles and standard G180 refuelling Nozzles.  Both nozzles come in a range of variations dependant on customer requirements.  These Nozzles are supplied to ensure safe refuelling, minimising the risk of damage to the aircraft and the operator.   Refuelling Nozzle… Continue reading Aviation Refuelling Nozzles