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International Sushi Day

Every 18th of June is known as International Sushi Day. A celebration of one of the more unique cuisines that has spread around the globe. Sushi is slowly becoming one of the world’s most popular foods. Sushi sales had skyrocketed before COVID, but due to the pandemic those figures started to decline. However, it did… Continue reading International Sushi Day

Easter Treats

This coming weekend is Easter Weekend. Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified, and then on Easter Sunday is when he was resurrected. For many, it is a religious weekend, but since the turn of the century, it has become a commercialised event for companies to try and sell as many Easter eggs… Continue reading Easter Treats

Winter Olympics 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics has been going now for the just under a week and the less said about Great Britain’s medal tally at this current time, the better. A lot of questions have been asked around the world as to why Beijing won the bid for this years Winter Olympics because of the weather… Continue reading Winter Olympics 2022

Top Tips for Top Filling

With the HSE officer becoming more and more stringent on operator well being and safety, today more than ever, we need to ensure we are prepared. In this short “Top Tips” guide, I am going to advise what equipment EWFM has to offer to help working from heights.   Gantry Stands  First things first, how… Continue reading Top Tips for Top Filling

Engineered Delivery Nozzles

The range of Engineered Delivery Nozzles available from EWFM have been the perfect solution for companies for many years, and we are currently supporting numerous Industries worldwide including Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing and Distilling. The nozzles are suitable for use with a range of liquids, gases, and chemicals, from hydrochloric acid to egg custard. They… Continue reading Engineered Delivery Nozzles

Are you blue sky thinking

Are you blue sky thinking?

Great things can happen whilst in lockdown – in 1665 when “working from home” at Woolsthorpe to escape the plague affecting Cambridge, Isaac Newton had the time and space to develop his theories on calculus, optics and the laws of motion and gravity.  What will you do?  Are you blue sky thinking? At EWFM we… Continue reading Are you blue sky thinking?