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Fact File: Coupling

Couplings, an essential for ensuring a quick and dry connection and disconnection. EWFM have been offering an extensive range of couplings to ensure we cater to a variety of industries globally. In the past we have sold this product to companies in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation and many more. The design of our… Continue reading Fact File: Coupling

Tokyo Olympics 2022

The Tokyo Olympics will be like no other since the games started, with a very limited attendance being able to attend the games due to the pandemic. However, on Friday Japan showed that they won’t let the lack of fans and current world affairs spoil the event as they put on an incredible opening ceremony… Continue reading Tokyo Olympics 2022

Dry Disconnect Coupling

Our Dry Disconnect Coupling is the perfect solution if you want to ensure a quick, dry, and safe connection.  As a master distributor for Mann Tek our range of Dry Disconnect Couplings are suited for most industries and medias and over the years, we have supplied many units to numerous locations worldwide. Available as a… Continue reading Dry Disconnect Coupling

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Helping you have a safe break

Do you load / unload from tankers & IBC’s? Do you want to keep your staff, contractors, site, equipment and environment safe? At EWFM we have the perfect solution for you – our range of Couplings that will allow you to have a safe break. As a master distributor for Mann Tek we have suitable… Continue reading Helping you have a safe break

Introducing the Evotek Coupling

EWFM now have a new generation of coupling to compliment their already extensive range of products. The Dry Evotek Coupling, has been specifically designed for use within the chemical industry. Ergonomically designed the external cam curve allows coupling against pressure. To open the valves the couplings need to rotate 120 degrees clockwise. The high engagement… Continue reading Introducing the Evotek Coupling

St. Patricks 2019

St. Patricks 2019 has past, silly hats were worn, too much Guinness was consumed and the dancing was crazy. But what was is it all about?  The day commemorates St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity into Ireland. So why are we at EWFM now writing a blog entitled St. Patricks day? Well unbeknown to you… Continue reading St. Patricks 2019

Conscious Uncoupling

Bucking the trend of lovey dovey schmaltz on this, the most ‘loved up’ day of the year, we would like to discuss the benefits of conscious uncoupling. No, we are not encouraging you to break someone’s heart, but to make the decision to use a product guaranteeing the highest level of safety and the quickest… Continue reading Conscious Uncoupling