Inventions that changed industries

Where would we be without inventions? Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, James Dyson and Steve Jobs. These are just a few of the names of some of the greatest inventors. On this day in 1997, Steve Jobs was appointed CEO of Apple. It was a change that the company needed, as they were slowly falling in market share. Steve Jobs proceeded to revamp the company and its products, which led to the release of the iPhone in 2007.


One of the greatest inventions:

The Apple brand and in particular the iPhone are one of the most talked about products in the entire world. Since the first release, we have seen various new iPhones announced, with the iPhone 13 being announced only just this week. In 2020, data showed that over 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold since 2007. The iPhone paved the way for the phone industry by pushing out feature phones and replacing them with smartphones.  It also allowed for new companies to come up with their own versions of a smartphone. But, the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Google have all got their own smartphones, which are constantly being innovated to try and gain an advantage over each other.


Inventions that have benefitted EWFM:


Swivel Joints: These are some of our best selling products. They are designed to relieve stress and torsion on hose or pipe work preventing damage. Throughout the years we have seen various new series introduced and different versions such as the compact swivel joint.

Drum Filling Heads: Part of our range of filling and emptying equipment; the drum filling head is perfect for casks, IBC’s and barrels. It has an automatic sensor built in to prevent containers from overfilling. This innovative idea allows for workers to do other tasks without worrying about waiting by the container.

Access Systems: Our range of access systems includes folding stairs, folding platforms and gantry stands. All of which are designed to ensure employees are working in a safe environment. We have seen vast changes and modifications to these to make them even safer.


We wouldn’t be where we are in the world right now if it wasn’t for the innovative minds of individuals. At EWFM, we are constantly trying to innovate to ensure that we continue to provide a quality product and service to our customers.


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108 Years of Stainless Steel

It’s Friday the 13th, some would say unlucky for some.  However, Friday the 13th this year marks a special occasion for EWFM and the steel industry.  On this day 108 years ago in 1913 a Mr Harry Brearley invented Stainless Steel.

The emergence of Stainless Steel:

At this time Brearley was actually investigating new varieties of steel to reduce erosion in gun barrels.  He discovered that adding the judicious admixture of 12% chromium to molten Iron produces a metal that did not rust.  At this period of time he named it ‘Rustless Steel” which in today’s world was renamed to Stainless Steel.

Brearley would not have realised the extent of his discovery.  In 2020 just under 50.9 million metric tons were produced worldwide. To give this some perspective, this is the same weight as 509,000 Boeing 757 passenger Airplanes.  Stainless Steel is now used everywhere from architecture, to cookware, from cars to medical applications, the majority of us can’t last a day without running into Stainless Steel.

So why do EWFM find Stainless Steel so special?  Due to its anti rusting properties EWFM offer Stainless Steel construction In nearly all of their products. That’s right, we offer all of the following products in Stainless Steel:

So why are the anti rusting properties useful to EWFM?

EWFM supply products all over the globe for many applications.  Including companies that are involved with salty atmosphere offshore, salt is a catalyst for rust, therefore Stainless Steel is ideal for slowing this down.  There are also many medias within the oil and chemical world that contain properties that increase the speed of corrosion.

What Brearley wouldn’t of known is that certain grades of Stainless Steel can also be made ‘food grade’.  Some grades can be electro polished, which eliminates any uneven surfaces that could result in bacterial growth.  It can then be easily cleaned and sanitised.  EWFM therefore have supplied many products for the Whisky, Beer, Food and Drink industries.

I therefore believe today we should all give out a thought to Mr Harry Brearley, what an amazing discovery he made.

For more information on the products above, please visit the products section on our website.

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The Compact Swivel

A Swivel for a Tight Spot

Are you looking to relieve stress and torsion in hose or pipework but are struggling in a tight spot? Look no further, we offer the Compact Swivel Joint. Our Compact Swivel joint has what we believe to be the smallest flange to flange face dimension in the market. It is perfect where room is limited and you need a Swivel for that tight spot.

In this blog we are going to talk about the main factors that make this Swivel so unique:


Low Profile

Why not start by stating the obvious?  The compact Swivel to our knowledge is the most compact design on the market.  It’s a great solution where you are limited to a tight spot yet you need pipework to articulate or stress and torsion to be reduced.  Customers have enjoyed the low-profile design yet are impressed on its ability to do the required job.



I guess this comes with the compact design.  Pipe assemblies tend to be heavy and weight is always a concern.  Due to the compactness of these Swivels these are lightweight and a great addition where weight is a constraint.


High Quality Design

With so little space, you might be thinking does it operate smoothly?  Well the answer to that is yes.  The Swivel consists of one row of ball bearings.  These bearings have high load capacity and are installed through a single hole so that it is virtually impossible for the Swivel to separate in service.  It also has one row of needle roller bearings which keep the main bearings and seals perfectly aligned.  The main seal in either Viton, Nitrile or PTFE.  Not only that we also have a dust seal in this space to keep the dirt out and allow grease purging to clean the bearing area.

That’s the technical bit but what it means is:

  • Smooth operation
  • Quick Seal Change
  • Easy Repair
  • Easy re-grease

Swivel for a Tight Spot

Cost effective

The Compact Swivel isn’t the cheapest on the market due its engineered design but it is definitely an affordable product.  If you are looking for a product that offers smooth long-lasting operation at a good price then the Compact Swivel is your answer.


Short Delivery Times

Due to the popularity of these products parts are often kept in stock.  This means speedy lead times.  They are an ideal solution when a high-quality solution is needed quickly.


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Slovenian Case Study

Slovenian Case Study

We would like to share you with you a new interesting application for which we supplied Swivel Joints at the peak of the Pandemic earlier on in the year.

The enquiry was taken over the phone and was to supply 3 x DN65 Swivel Joints for a ‘Clean In Place (CIP)’ Hygienic Application in Slovenia.  We provided a quick quotation and GA drawings.  The specification of the joints was as follows:

  • DN65 Bore
  • Style 20 (Straight)
  • Stainless Steel 316 Construction
  • 2 Tracks of Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • 4mm Weld Ends
  • Food Grade seals

The customer was more than happy with the specification and technical support.  They gained confidence it was the right product for the job.  They then proceeded with the order and delivery was made within 5 working weeks.

The Swivel Joints have now been in operation a good few months.  As seen in the picture above the joint is used in the final stage of fragrance – powder packaging. When a spray drier (used to produce powdered fragrances from liquid ones) dries fragrances, they are packaged in bags on weight cells.  After each charge, the entire production line must be CIP with acids, to prepare for the next charge of different fragrances. When starting CIP, acids are flushed down the entire production line.  At the end of the line are filling bags with no easy way to collect the CIP medium, which is very corrosive.

That’s where our Swivel Joints come in to play, the arm seen in the pictures is simply rotated under the filling socket, connected with a flexible joint to the filling line and then used to return the CIP medium from the end of the production line back to the collecting tank. When production is active, the joint and the CIP return line are neatly tucked away on the wall, as shown on all of the pictures.

Quality was paramount in this project to the corrosive nature, the customer is extremely satisfied and provided EWFM with the following testimonial ‘The swivels work excellent; we haven’t had any complaints from the end client regarding any of the three joints’

We are proud to have another happy customer in a new application.  Should you have a similar or new application requiring EWFM products please do get in touch with us today by:

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Phils Pumping

Swivel Joints supporting the Farming Industry

12 months ago, we were approached to supply cost effective but high-quality swivel joints to a leading company in the United States of Livestock Manure Handling Equipment.

The swivel joints would be used on their liquid manure injection toolbars. These toolbars allow for efficient top-dressing application, splash / incorporation, or deep till injection of liquid manure.  Having previously used a piece of pipe to control the arm and allow the machine to turn at the end of the field they were looking for something that was more durable, that would not wear out so fast and had a leakproof seal.

Our model 2174 swivel joint provided the strong and reliable solution they were looking for. We started by supplying 2 trial units to allow them to see the quality for themselves and confirm that the swivel joint would be suitable.  Impressed with them and following the success of the trial units, a further 36 swivel joints of the same size have since been ordered and 4 more trial pieces in a larger size for further future applications.

Phils3 Phils 2 Phils1

Shipping directly to their door in the United States was a further benefit for them.

Feedback received so far is they are “extremely happy with the friendly service and quality of the swivel joints and which has improved the operation of our product”

If you are looking for high quality but cost-effective swivel joints, then get in touch today and start to build your long-term relationship with us. We always work together with you to ensure items are delivered quickly, securely and to your complete satisfaction. See how we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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The extreme uses of EWFM Swivel Joints

Our customer base spreads across numerous industries all over the world. The fact that that our products were being used in such diverse and extreme ways has meant we have had to develop our product range and business to ensure we have the ability and knowledge to support our customers.

The extensive range of our swivel joints reflects this. We have our standard range of swivel joints that we have supplied in various configurations and materials across the globe. This includes numerous swivel joints for use in Floating Suction Units like these 12” and 16” ones pictured below.

We can supply these swivels to service all sizes of Floating Suction Unit.
The skills and knowledge that we have learnt also allow us to support our customers when their requirement is more specialist. Some great examples of this are,

Subsea PicSubsea

Supplied to Brazil these swivel joints were supplied for use at a depth of 3000m below Sea Level.  Our Subsea swivels are available for use to a maximum depth of 4000m and pressures up to 20,000 PSI

Dark Matter

Our Compact Swivel Joint was used with Dark Matter. Available in sizes up to 12” we believe them to be the most compact on the market


Available in sizes up to 16” our cryogenic swivel joints are perfect for the transportation of LNG and other medias down to temperatures of -200 °C.

Food Manufacturing

Used within the Food Manufacturing Industry with FDA seals they have been supplied to support the production of products ranging from Cooking Oil to Egg Custard.


They are the perfect addition to our Engineered Filling Nozzles. Used in Distilleries they improve the usability by allowing the hose to swivel freely behind the Nozzle.

Drilling PicDrilling

We supplied 3” hardened carbon steel swivel joints for a drilling application in Egypt.  With no maximum sizes we can cater for all customer requests

Within our vast range of Swivel Joints at EWFM we will have a solution for you. We work together in partnership with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process. Get in touch with Guy and Mike today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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frequently asked questions about Swivel Joints

Frequently Asked Questions About Swivel Joints

Today I will be answering some of our frequently asked questions about Swivel Joints.


What Size are your Swivel Joints?

20 and 4 Inch Engineered Swivel Joints in Carbon SteelOur smallest size is ½” but we have machining capabilities to offer up to a 72” bore.  Of course, any size in between this is also available.  Our standard designs range from ½” to 12”.  Over 12” our large bore engineered designs are supplied.


What Materials do you offer?

As standard we manufacture Swivel Joints in 3 metals – Aluminium, Carbon and Stainless Steel.  We do tend to use different grades such as 304L and 316L, subject to requirements.  However, we always try to provide a product suited to the needs of our customers, and will supply exotic material such as Hastelloy, Duplex, Titanium and even PTFE lining on request.


What end connections can we offer?

3 Inch Hardened Carbon Steel Swivel Joint for drillingWe supply what you require.  Don’t get me wrong our usual’s include Weld End (BW SCH40), Flanged (ANSI, PN, DIN) and Threads (BSP,NPT).  However, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs, and have supplied Hammer Lug Unions, Tri Clamps, and RJT fittings over the years.


Can you do Cryogenics? Can you do High Temperatures?

The answer to both is yes.  For cryogenics we supply a Swivel with a nitrogen chamber around the bearings to prevent them for freezing. For high temperatures we provide jacketed Swivel Joints.  These can also be heated electrically or with oil on request.


Can you provide Elbows on the Swivel Joint?

We certainly can.  Internationally Swivel Joints are supplied in the following standard styles.

Swivel Joint Configurations

Of course, if you require custom designs with varying articulated pipework, we can supply these too.


What pressures can your Swivels go to?

This is an extremely broad question as it differs subject to size.  Our high-pressure hydraulic Swivels and Multiport Rotary Unions can reach pressures of up to 15,000 psi.  For high pressure requirements on larger bore Swivels we take it case by case.  We can increase the number of ball and roller bearings as well as the Swivel wall thickness to accommodate greater pressures.  We also perform hyperbaric testing for external pressures when supplying Swivels for a Subsea environment.


We work together with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process,  so get in touch with us today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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Large Bore Swivel 1

Standard Large Bore Swivels

High quality with quick lead times at an affordable price!

EWFM now supply an extensive range of standard large bore Swivels. They are perfect for applications where the Swivel effectively isn’t subject to excessive loads, pressures or temperatures. Some perfect examples of these include Marine Loading Arms, Floating Suction Units and Hose Reels.

Machined out of solid bar the Swivel design means there is no welding process. They are generally supplied with ANSI or PN flanges with PTFE-Compound seals.  These Swivels therefore have a low cost as, not only is money saved on welding, but with two rows of ball bearing the compact design saves on material too.

Here is a list of the basic information you need to know:

  • Sizes 12” – 48”
  • Stainless, Carbon and Duplex Steel (More exotic materials available on request)
  • PN or ANSI flanged
  • Easy seal change


That’s not all…

These Swivels can also be supplied with elbows and in different configurations. Let us know your requirement and we’ll be sure to help.

For Floating Suction Units our most common design is style 40 (See examples below).

Some typical applications in use so far…

Marine Loading Arms – Most marine loading arms consist of around 8 Swivel Joints. Our Swivel design is ideal for this application giving the arm a smooth operation to allow it to safely bunker the ship.  To date we have supplied Swivels up to 20” for this process.

Floating Suction UnitsFloating Suction Units are designed to draw the purist fuel from just below the surface. A Swivel Joint is therefore required to allow the arm to float up and down within the tank. This is the most popular use of our large bore Swivel Joints as its simple yet effective design is all that is required.

If you would like to discuss your requirement further or if you have a unusual application for which standard large bore swivels wont be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team and they’ll be sure to help:

By Telephone – +44(0) 1763 248650
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Are you looking for a new Swivel supplier?

At EWFM we truly believe that our range of Swivels is the biggest on the market. We can supply Swivels from a ½” to a 72” Bore, in materials from Aluminium, to Hastelloy and Super Duplex. Whatever Swivel challenge you may have, our mission is to work with you and produce a great solution.

EWFM offer 5 main ranges of Swivel Joints. They are as follows:

Standard Swivels

The cost effective Swivel suitable for standard applications. Perfect for hose, loading arms, articulated pipework, hose reels and much more.

Our standard Swivels range from 1” to 12” with varying designs. Available in many different styles and configurations adopting 90 degree bends, see below:

Generally our standard Swivels are made out of Aluminium, Carbon or Stainless Steel, however we can offer more exotic materials on request.

Swivel Joint 2174 SeriesSwivel joint 2175 SeriesSwivel Joint 2833 SeriesSwivel Joint 3885 Series

Engineered Swivels

These are what they say on the tin. Engineered Swivel Joints are designed especially for each application. They are perfect for applications that are that bit more aggressive. Be it extreme loads, corrosive medias, high pressures or abnormal temperatures, we will work with you to design the perfect Swivel solution for your need.

Our engineered range is tailor-made for you. Challenge us with your crazy specifications!

Compact Swivels

Perfect for fitting in those tight spaces. This Swivel is what we believe to be the most compact on the market.

Available in sizes from 2”to 12” in Stainless and Carbon Steel construction.

Multiport Rotary Unions

Often used in hydraulics, these rotary unions allow you to swivel multiple ports down a common axis. These are engineered specifically for each project. The more ports the merrier so test us with your requirements.

 Multiport Rotary Unions           Multiport Swivels

Subsea Swivels

Are you working in the deep? If so, why not enquire about one of our Subsea Swivel Joints.

Subsea Swivel Joints stop stress and torsion on articulated pipework and hose while working at depths of down to 4000m. Quite new to the plant is the addition of an in-house hyperbaric chamber which allows us to simulate these external pressures.

  Subsea Swivel Joints          

We have supplied Subsea Swivel joints up to 12” working at depths of 3000m, the unique design allows us to work with applications up to 20,000 psi.

Applications can be reviewed by DNV or ABS as required.

If you have a Swivel application why not give us a go? We pride ourselves on great customer service and reliable high quality products.


Contact us now

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64 Swivel Joints

EWFM supply 64 Swivel Joints to Tetra Pak

EWFM are very excited to be able to share our project with Tetra Pak.  Last year we were contacted with a request to supply 32 Swivel Joints for saturated steam and 32 Swivel Joints for water.  The Swivel Joints were to be used to update the articulating arms which were leaking and causing maintenance and safety issues.

Guy, working closely with the customer, ensured they were quoted the most cost effective, yet high quality solution. Due to temperatures reaching up to 185˚C the Swivels needed to have special high temperature Viton seals.  Our 5” Carbon Steel 2175 Swivel Joint in style 20 and 30 configurations was the chosen and ordered design.  With 2 sets of ball bearings and easy seal replacement it offered the perfect solution to allow the articulated pipework to move freely when the saturated steam was passing through.

As you can see these Swivels were supplied painted in a light Grey (RAL 7001).  Tetra Pak were so happy with this paint finish that they contacted us for advice on painting the rest of the arm to this specification.

The picture below shows these Swivels in situ:-

We also supplied 2.5” Stainless Steel 2175 Swivel Joints for water.  These Swivels helped support two arms that ran in parallel either side to the steam arms.  The water was used to cool the steam further along the process.  These Swivels were supplied in style 30 configuration.

This picture shows a close-up of these Swivels:-

The Swivels were manufactured, delivered within 12 working weeks and supplied with maintenance instructions and 3.1 material certification.

After several months of use Tetra Pak confirmed that the Swivels are working very well and they are very satisfied.  That’s another happy Customer for EWFM!

Should you have a similar requirement or are interested in hearing more of what EWFM has to offer, please contact us now via:

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