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What do EWFM supply for tankers?

EWFM has been supplying equipment suited for tankers for many years. Since the start our products, that are tanker compliant, have grown, which has led to three varying product ranges that are ideal solutions for different parts of tankers. Although there are different types of tankers, EWFM specialises in equipment designed for road and rail… Continue reading What do EWFM supply for tankers?

What’s in your Firework?

The 5th of November, or fireworks night as it is commonly known in the UK, is a celebration of the anniversary of the failed gunpowder plot in 1605. The plan was to kill King James 1st for his refusal to grant Catholics more freedom. Guy Fawkes was found guarding the gunpowder placed underneath the Houses… Continue reading What’s in your Firework?

National Beer Day

Did you know that the UK celebrated its National Beer Day this week?  This is an annual celebration held on 15th June each year and it celebrates all beer including traditional ales, mainstream lagers, and limited edition craft beer and everything in between no matter where it is brewed or who owns the brewing company.… Continue reading National Beer Day

Keep Warm This Winter

We are fast approaching the coldest months of the year here in the UK.  We’ve already witnessed our first frosts of the year and bobble hats are becoming a much more frequent sight.  This then begs the question of what will you do to keep warm this winter?  I know I’ll be hoping for a… Continue reading Keep Warm This Winter

Left Handers Day

On Thursday 13th August 2020, the 30th annual left handers day takes place. A day to tell everyone how proud you are of being left-handed and, as we live in a world designed for right-handers, help raise awareness of the everyday issues that lefties face, including: Using scissors Use of spiral notebooks Playing musical instruments… Continue reading Left Handers Day