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What Are you Thankful For?

Thanksgiving, arguably one of the biggest days on the American calendar, is today! It’s a national holiday with deep historical roots, serving as a time for people to come together, express gratitude, and share a festive meal. As it’s a time for reflection and in the spirit of the season, in today's blog, we are… Continue reading What Are you Thankful For?

Eerie Tales of EWFM

We are days away from the spookiest time of the year, Halloween! while most people are busy planning their costumes and haunted house visits, we're here to bring a unique twist to your spooky celebrations. Imagine a world where fuel management takes centre stage in your Halloween festivities. Join us on a journey through the… Continue reading Eerie Tales of EWFM

National Farmers Day

Today is National Farmers Day. A celebration of our farmers who dedicate their lives to growing produce, caring for livestock, and more. It's only right to dedicate a day each year to honour their hard work. In today's blog, we will explore the reasons for having a day dedicated to farmers and how EWFM can… Continue reading National Farmers Day

National Poetry Day

On this 5th of October, it's Poetry's grand display, National Poetry Day, where words in vivid array, paint emotions, thoughts, and dreams in a poetic ballet. From sonnets to haikus, let verses gently sway, in celebration of the art, come what may. So, let us all together, in unity, convey the power of poetry on… Continue reading National Poetry Day

Rugby World Cup 2023

Last Friday, the 10th Rugby World Cup kicked off in France as the two favourites, New Zealand, and the host nation, faced each other at the Stade de France in Paris. It was a fiercely contested match, but New Zealand were unable to spoil the party as France claimed a 27-13 win over the kiwis.… Continue reading Rugby World Cup 2023

Why Storage Tank Seals are vital for the current climate crisis

The escalating climate crisis is heightening concerns worldwide, with increasingly extreme weather events underscoring its urgency. Recent occurrences, from devastating wildfires ravaging Europe to destructive flooding and mudslides in Brazil, vividly illustrate the widespread impact of climate change. This crisis spans the entire globe, affecting diverse regions in varying ways. The only viable solution lies… Continue reading Why Storage Tank Seals are vital for the current climate crisis

World Photography Day 2023

Get your smiles ready because World Photography Day is just around the corner on August 19th! With the remarkable advancements in technology, modern cameras and smartphones can capture high-quality images of nearly anything. Photography has become an integral part of our lives, serving various purposes. It's a means to immortalise cherished memories, document special occasions,… Continue reading World Photography Day 2023

Project World Cup: Netherlands

It’s time for the return of “Project World Cup”! A series that we started to coincide with the 22nd edition of the Men’s World Cup. Every Thursday during the group stage games we choose a country that are in action and look into the country, and what projects EWFM have completed there over the years.… Continue reading Project World Cup: Netherlands

EWFM comes to the Big Screen

EWFM and the cinema – two words you wouldn't normally associate with each other, but now you can! At the beginning of 2021, we received an enquiry over the phone from an employee working at Long Cross Studios in Surrey. They were looking for a compact and easily rotatable product. At that time, the name… Continue reading EWFM comes to the Big Screen

World Population Day

This week on the 11th of July was the UN observance known as “World Population Day”. The observance came about in 1989 largely after the huge public response to “Five Billion day”, the day (11th July) in 1987 when the world's population hit five billion. This is the time the world comes together, as designated… Continue reading World Population Day