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What do EWFM supply for tankers?

EWFM has been supplying equipment suited for tankers for many years. Since the start our products, that are tanker compliant, have grown, which has led to three varying product ranges that are ideal solutions for different parts of tankers. Although there are different types of tankers, EWFM specialises in equipment designed for road and rail… Continue reading What do EWFM supply for tankers?

Fact file: Access Systems

It’s back! It’s time for May’s edition of the Fact Files. Previously, we have looked at couplings, standard swivel joints, engineered swivel joints, storage tank equipment, and loading and unloading arms. This month we will be looking at our range of access systems. Since 2003, EWFM has been supplying access systems to a variety of… Continue reading Fact file: Access Systems

Case Study: Pneumatic Step Unit

We recently supplied a new MK5 (5 step) Pneumatic Step Unit to an existing customer to allow them to drop down on top of tankers for sampling and inspections. They approached us because they had been so impressed with how previously supplied manual units have worked and are still working. We received the enquiry originally… Continue reading Case Study: Pneumatic Step Unit

Freedom day has arrived!

Monday 19th July 2021 marked the final stage of the UK Governments road map out of the national lockdown, also known as ‘Freedom Day’. After a tough 18 months it is the light at the end of the tunnel that many have been waiting for especially businesses around the UK. Personal health and safety has… Continue reading Freedom day has arrived!

Do you have a safety concern?

Do you have a safety issue on your site?  Are you unsure what to do?  Then our next instalment on keeping our customers safe when working at heights will be of interest to you.  Previously we discussed our Folding Step Units, however, this time we are looking at our Gantry Stands and Safe Access Platforms.  They… Continue reading Do you have a safety concern?