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The Future of Height Safety: Unveiling Our New Access Systems

The oil and gas, food and drink, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, among others, all share a common challenge: ensuring worker safety when navigating elevated work environments. Falls from heights remain a leading cause of serious injuries in these sectors. At EWFM, we're dedicated to providing innovative solutions that prioritise both safety and efficiency. We're excited… Continue reading The Future of Height Safety: Unveiling Our New Access Systems

What’s Your Priority Regarding Safety?

What are you current Business Priorities regarding safety? In a world dominated by the rapid advancement of AI and cutting-edge technology, businesses are constantly reevaluating their priorities. Yet, amidst this ever-changing landscape, one fundamental aspect remains unwavering – the commitment to ensuring a secure and safe working environment for every employee. As dedicated professionals step… Continue reading What’s Your Priority Regarding Safety?

Rugby World Cup 2023

Last Friday, the 10th Rugby World Cup kicked off in France as the two favourites, New Zealand, and the host nation, faced each other at the Stade de France in Paris. It was a fiercely contested match, but New Zealand were unable to spoil the party as France claimed a 27-13 win over the kiwis.… Continue reading Rugby World Cup 2023

Project World Cup: Netherlands

It’s time for the return of “Project World Cup”! A series that we started to coincide with the 22nd edition of the Men’s World Cup. Every Thursday during the group stage games we choose a country that are in action and look into the country, and what projects EWFM have completed there over the years.… Continue reading Project World Cup: Netherlands

Oscar Worthy EWFM Products

The most prestigious award show in the history of film returns on Sunday evening. The upcoming Oscars will be the 95th edition of the awards. During the night, 24 awards will be handed out to various actors, actresses, and directors for films that have been released over the past year. In this week’s blog, we… Continue reading Oscar Worthy EWFM Products

Safety First on Bonfire Night

This past Saturday, November 5th, was the UK’s yearly bonfire night, better known as Guy Fawkes Night. A night that is strangely celebrating a failed gunpowder plot on the Houses of Parliament in 1605. It was a group plan to blow up the political building, with Robert Catesby being the mastermind behind the whole plot.… Continue reading Safety First on Bonfire Night

What do EWFM supply for tankers?

EWFM has been supplying equipment suited for tankers for many years. Since the start our products, that are tanker compliant, have grown, which has led to three varying product ranges that are ideal solutions for different parts of tankers. Although there are different types of tankers, EWFM specialises in equipment designed for road and rail… Continue reading What do EWFM supply for tankers?

The Fact Files: Access Systems

It’s back! It’s time for May’s edition of the Fact Files. Previously, we have looked at couplings, standard swivel joints, engineered swivel joints, storage tank equipment, and loading and unloading arms. This month we will be looking at our range of access systems. Since 2003, EWFM has been supplying access systems to a variety of… Continue reading The Fact Files: Access Systems

Case Study: Pneumatic Step Unit

We recently supplied a new MK5 (5 step) Pneumatic Step Unit to an existing customer to allow them to drop down on top of tankers for sampling and inspections. They approached us because they had been so impressed with how previously supplied manual units have worked and are still working. We received the enquiry originally… Continue reading Case Study: Pneumatic Step Unit