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Engineered Delivery Nozzles

About the Engineered Delivery Nozzles:

Engineered Delivery Nozzles are designed for filling various liquids into containers such as drums, casks, IBCs, and barrels. The nozzle range includes two types:

Manual Nozzle:

Operated by a trigger, the manual nozzle allows users to pull the trigger to open the valve and release it to close. This simple and manual control is effective for precise handling.

Automatic Nozzle:

Functioning similarly to a typical petrol pump nozzle, the automatic nozzle simplifies the process. Pulling the trigger opens the valve, and as the liquid reaches the top of the container, the nozzle senses back pressure and shuts off automatically.

Additional Information:

These engineered delivery nozzles cater to a wide range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals, flammable fluids, hygienic service, and food products. Conforming with ATEX standards, FDA compliance is also available upon request. Additional options such as vapour recovery can be added to the nozzle based on specific requirements.

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Available Sizes:

0.5″ / 1″ / 1.5″ / 2″


Stainless Steel / Hastelloy

End Connections: 

Threaded – BSP & NPT

Flanged – ANSI & PN

Tri Clamp


Chemical / Food and Drink / Pharmaceutical / Oil and Gas

Additional extras: 

Vapour recovery

Swivel (to ease usability)

Extended lance

Signal Switches (to signal when Nozzle is in use)

Alternative designs and specifications for the Engineered Delivery Nozzles are available on request

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