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Why Storage Tank Seals are vital for the current climate crisis

The escalating climate crisis is heightening concerns worldwide, with increasingly extreme weather events underscoring its urgency. Recent occurrences, from devastating wildfires ravaging Europe to destructive flooding and mudslides in Brazil, vividly illustrate the widespread impact of climate change. This crisis spans the entire globe, affecting diverse regions in varying ways. The only viable solution lies… Continue reading Why Storage Tank Seals are vital for the current climate crisis

Project World Cup: Netherlands

It’s time for the return of “Project World Cup”! A series that we started to coincide with the 22nd edition of the Men’s World Cup. Every Thursday during the group stage games we choose a country that are in action and look into the country, and what projects EWFM have completed there over the years.… Continue reading Project World Cup: Netherlands

International Museum Day

Are museums your sort of hobby? Well, if they are, today might just be the perfect day for you as it is International Museum Day. Museums are defined by The International Council of Museums (ICOM) as "not-for-profit, permanent institutions in the service of society that research, collect, conserve, interpret, and exhibit tangible and intangible heritage."… Continue reading International Museum Day