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Gantry Stands

Gantry Stands

EWFM offer gantry stands which are customizable to ensure they are the right fit for your facilities. These are designed to give the operator a safe handrailed enclosed area at the required height, so they have access to the top of tank trucks and rail cars. They have the ability to do this with the help of a gantry platform and folding stairs. For access from the ground level to the gantry platforms, we offer ladder and stair way kits.

The operation of the overall design can be incorporated with pneumatics, hydraulics and electric depending on the operation of the system. It has a free standing self supporting design with handrails, anti slip flooring, treads, and fastenings. A roof kit, folding stair or platform can be added to your design.

If you are looking for alternative safety measurements for your warehouse or factory, please take a look at our range of Access Systems.

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Mild Steel

Fail Safe Features: 

Interlocks / Speed Controls / Automatic Locking Devices

Platform Height: 


Platform Area: 

1500 mm x 1500 mm

Alternative designs and specifications for the Gantry Stands are available on request