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Marine Floating Hose Breakaway Coupling

Marine Floating Hose Breakaway Coupling

EWFM supply the marine floating hose breakaway coupling. The Marine Breakaway Coupling provides safe disconnection in the event of uncontrolled movement of the hose during transfer of fluids. Consequently, spillage is prevented thus protecting operators, equipment, and the environment. This can either be installed floating, submerged or on land. Often this coupling is fitted onto weaker components of a system. Another advantage of using this type of breakaway coupling in your hose transfer system is it could save time and money. Quite often substances such as oil will be transferred from shore to boat and oil spillage can be damaging to both the environment and the company. The breakaway coupling will help in preventing from spillages of oil from happening.

The size of this breakaway coupling ranges from 6” (DN100) all the way to 20” (DN500) with special MBC sizes available on request. It has the ability to be constructed out of varying stainless-steel grades including 316L, Ti, 304 or duplex. It’s pressure rating goes from 10 Bar G (145psi) to 25 Bar G (360psi) which makes it suitable for those marine and offshore environments.

For more other breakaway designs, please head to our Breakaway Coupling page where you can find a range of standard, engineered and loading arm breakaway couplings.

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Available Sizes:

6″ / 8″ / 10″/ 12″ / 14″ / 16″ / 18″ / 20″


Stainless Steel – 316L / Ti / 304 / Duplex


Up to 25 Bar G

End Connections: 

DIN / ISO / ASA Flanges


Viton® / Chemraz® / Kalrez® / Teflon®

Alternative designs and specifications for the Marine Floating Hose Breakaway Coupling are available on request

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