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Aviation Couplings – Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Aviation Couplings

EWFM’s Aviation Couplings have specifically been designed for both civil and military use . Currently, these are not yet suitable for under-wing refuelling. These couplings have been made in accordance with ISO 45 / STANAG 3105. Also, they have been specifically designed to handle aviation fuels.

The Aviation coupling has many advantageous factors including a riveted piston pin to minimise the risk of failure under extreme pressure conditions. This is manufactured in either aluminium or stainless steel with no yellow parts encountering the media. The working temperature of these couplings Working is between -38°C and +60°C with special low temperature seals used in cold environments.  All of these units can also be used as bottom loading or primary points refuelling vehicles.

For more designs, please head to our Coupling page where you can find a range of Manntek, engineered and API couplings.

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Available Size:



Aluminium / Stainless Steel


Ranging from 10 Bar G


Aviation Fuels


BSP / NPT / Metrical Thread / Flanged Inlet


FKM / NBR / Low temp seals

Alternative designs and specifications for the Aviation Couplings

are available on request