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Tanker Folding Stairs

About the Tanker Folding Stairs:

Tanker Folding Stairs offer a secure and reliable solution for facilitating safe access to various heights, ensuring a protected working environment for personnel. Crafted from robust mild steel and galvanised for enhanced durability, these stairs boast a sturdy construction that can withstand demanding industrial environments.

Available in both manual and pneumatic operation configurations, our Tanker Folding Stairs are designed to cater to diverse operational needs. Each unit features a handrail extending from the top fixed step to the final moving step, in strict adherence to safety standards, providing essential support and stability for users. The anti-slip steps further enhance safety, ensuring secure footing even in challenging conditions.

The innovative design of our Tanker Folding Stairs allows for easy operation, with a park-open position of 45° and a closed position of 15°, providing convenient access while minimizing space requirements. To suit your aesthetic preferences and environmental conditions, these stairs can be finished with a choice of hot zinc spray, powder coating, or a high-build zinc primer, ensuring long-lasting performance and corrosion resistance.

If you are looking for alternative safety measurements for your warehouse or factory, please take a look at our range of Tanker Access Systems.

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Step Designs:

2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Step Widths: 

800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm


Mild Steel




Spring Assisted


Lever knuckle joints

Extra support brackets

Safety Cage

Alternative designs and specifications for the Folding Stairs are available on request

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