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Geodesic Tank Dome

About the Geodesic Tank Dome:

The Geodesic Tank Dome is a cutting-edge aluminium cover and integrated roof system, designed to ensure the utmost safety and environmental protection. With its exceptional engineering, it prevents hazardous emissions from escaping the tank while keeping water out at the same time.

Crafted from a high-strength aluminium alloy, our Geodesic Tank Dome boasts exceptional resistance to corrosion, safeguarding against degradation caused by chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and ozone exposure. Its lightweight and durable design make it virtually maintenance-free, guaranteeing a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for the future.

Compliance is at the core of our design, adhering to API 650 Appendix G requirements and following EUROCODE 1 and 9 with Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis. This fully triangulated structure not only offers self-support but also integral tension distribution, eliminating the need for roof columns or tank wall reinforcement.

Installing the Geodesic Tank Dome is hassle-free, whether for new tank construction or retrofitting an existing tank. You can seamlessly erect it while your tank remains in operation, without any disruptions. Our Geodesic Tank Domes are in use on top of storage tanks across the globe. Accessories are also available to complement the tank domes.

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• Lowest cost solution and short-term payback.

• Eliminates rainwater entry and possible product contamination.

• Prevents the possibility of a sunk roof due to rain or snow accumulation.

• Easy to install (plus minimum downtime).

• Maintenance-free structure due to all aluminium construction.

• Strong, durable and corrosion resistant.

• Lightweight design (minimal additional weight to existing foundations).

• Makes all the problems associated with either hose or pipe drains obsolete.

• Protects the existing seals from ultraviolet and other environmental hazards.

• Minimum evaporation losses (no wind related losses).


• Vents

• Skylights

• Hatches

Alternative designs and specifications for the Geodesic Tank Dome are available on request

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