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Tank Baffle

About the Tank Baffle:

The Tank Baffle is a smooth deflector screen engineered to address guiding requirements in water installations, including sandboxes and decanters. This anodised screen boasts a seamless design that is both lightweight and easily removable for effortless cleaning.

Each baffle is tailored to align with the specific dimensions of concrete compartments. These adaptable baffles are mounted using a fixing system designed to absorb irregularities in walls, utilizing omega-type profiles. This highly corrosion-resistant system is remarkably low-maintenance, ensuring lasting functionality.

Constructed from top-grade AISI 316L and EN AW 3003 H16 stainless steel profiles, the Tank Baffle demonstrates compatibility with healthcare products, ensuring suitability for a wide range of applications.

Each screen is designed to suit the unique requirements of each project. They can be constructed using modules of varying sizes. Vertical assembly, facilitated by rail guides, ensures simple assembly and disassembly. The panels themselves are crafted from aluminium EN AW 6063, while the perimeter frames and fixings are constructed from sanitary-use suitable stainless steel AISI 316L.

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