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Marine Loading Arm Spare Parts

About the Marine Loading Arm Spare Parts:

EWFM supply Spare Parts for all types of marine loading arms. We don’t just do it for our brand, we also supply spare parts for different brands.

From seals and bearings to swivels and hydraulic components, EWFM provides dependable replacements that adhere to industry standards, promoting efficiency and safety in liquid transfer between vessels and terminals.

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Spare Parts include but aren’t limted to:

  1. Seals and O-Rings: These are essential for preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of the loading arm. They can include various types like lip seals, piston seals, and packing seals.
  2. Bearings: Bearings enable smooth movement and rotation of the loading arm. Replacement might involve ball bearings, roller bearings, or other types specific to the arm’s design.
  3. Hoses and Couplings: Flexible hoses and couplings facilitate the transfer of fluids. Over time, they might wear out or get damaged, necessitating replacement.
  4. Pipes and Fittings: Parts such as pipes, elbows, tees, and other fittings might require replacement due to corrosion or wear.
  5. Hydraulic Components: Hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, and hoses are crucial for the operation of hydraulic loading arms. Replacement parts for these components might be necessary.
  1. Electrical Components: For loading arms with electrical controls, spare parts might include switches, sensors, wiring, and connectors.
  2. Latches, Bolts, and Fasteners: Various fastening components that hold the arm together might need replacement due to wear or damage.
  3. Gaskets and Flanges: Gaskets and flanges are critical for sealing connections. Replacements might be needed due to wear or degradation.
  4. Paint and Protective Coatings: While not strictly parts, having spare paint or protective coatings specific to the loading arm can be important for maintenance and corrosion prevention.