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Manual Quick Connect-Disconnect Coupler

About the Manual Quick Connect-Disconnect Coupler:

The Manual Quick Connect-Disconnect Coupler ensures a safe and reliable connection to a ship. This QCDC facilitates swift connections between the marine loading arm and the ship, employing a set of clamps. The clamps are tightened using a manual wrench action which secure the loading arm onto the ship’s flange.

To enhance the ease of connection, guide rings are incorporated on the flange. This will centre the ship’s flange between the clamps, streamlining the process and ensuring a secure connection.

Manual quick connect-disconnect couplers are essential in marine loading arm operations as they play a crucial role in preventing environmental hazards and ensuring operational safety during marine loading arm operations. They enable rapid and secure connections to vessels, facilitating efficient loading and unloading of various medias. By allowing swift disconnection, they mitigate the risk of spills and leaks during emergency situations or unexpected operational challenges.

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