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Minerva Marine Loading Arm (Semi Self Supporting)

About the Minerva Marine Loading Arm:

The Minerva Marine Loading Arm facilitates the transfer of liquid or gaseous products to and from ocean-going or inland waterway tankers. This loading arm is constructed with self-bearing features and achieves balance through a cable pantograph system with two separate counterweights.

Using a low-maintenance and lightweight pantograph system, the two separate counterweights balance both the inboard and outboard arms. The loading arm employs an over dimensioned Model 3-2ST Swivel Joint design to support the forces acting on it. The seals within are easily exchangeable without dismantling the loading equipment or requiring auxiliary equipment.

Designed to bridge large operating ranges, the Minerva has limitations on the amount of dead weight it can handle. It is particularly well-suited for handling aggressive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and diverse pressure applications.

Explore our Marine Loading Arms page for additional products tailored to support your transfers of liquids or gaseous products, to and from barges or coasters.

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Available Sizes: 

6” (DN150) – 10” (DN250)

Materials: Product Pipe

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel

Other Options: 

  • Hydraulic operation
  • Manual/hydraulic QCDC (Quick Connect-Disconnect Coupler)
  • Manual/hydraulic shut off valve
  • Insulated flange
  • Vacuum breaker
  • Purge/drain
  • ERC (Emergency Release Coupler)
  • Piggyback vapour return line
  • Model 4-2ST Swivel joint
  • Tracing and/or insulation
  • Others requests can be considered