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Refuelling Nozzle – Model G180

G180 Refuelling Nozzle

EWFM’s G180 refuelling nozzle has replaced the G457-240 nozzle which has been used by the ministry of defence in the UK for many years. It’s design functionality is based on the original G457 design but now it has many new features and benefits. The new design is lightweight, comfortable to operate and rugged. The speed spout system is designed to give the operator the choice of which spout suits their aircraft. As a result, this allows for the spout to be changed within seconds.

This nozzle now has a soft close feature which allows the operator to control the flow of fuel and bumpers have been added to ensure that if contact is made with the wing of the aircraft no damage will occur. Safety of the operator was a key aspect of the new design as heavy duty gloves can be worn when using the nozzle and the light weight construction ensures that it isn’t too heavy for the operator to carry and hold.

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Spout Configurations: 

1″ / 1.5″ / Flared



NPT with check valve – 1″ / 1.25″ / 1.5″

NPT with no check valve – 1″ / 1.25″ /1.5″

ISO with check valve – 1″ /1.5″

ISO with no check valve – 1″

Handle Guard: 


Black with Stainless Steel Interlock Hook

Black with Stainless Steel 90° Interlock Hook


Red with Stainless Steel Interlock Hook

Dust Caps/ Grounding Cable: 

No Cable – With or without dust cap

Standard Cable – With or without dust cap

Heavy Duty Cable – With or without dust cap

Alternative designs and specifications for the Refuelling Nozzle – Model G180 are available on request