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Hot Refuelling Nozzle – Model G457

G457 Hot Refuelling Nozzle

The Model G457 hot refuelling nozzle has been used by the ministry of defence in the United Kingdom since the 1970’s. At the time, a nozzle that could be used to fill aircraft while the turbines and avionics were running was identified as a necessity. The design of this nozzle allows for a rapid turn around of the aircraft safely. It reduces the risk of injury to the operators and the aircraft. The G457 can be used in all sorts of climates as its temperature range is from -30ºC to +52ºC. However, a special low temperature design is available on request.

The material of body is resistant to fuels and vapours ensuring a corrosion free long life and fuel will only be delivered when the lever is depressed against the fuselage to prevent spillage. It has a high level shut off therefore protecting the operator and aircraft from spillage when the tanks are full and a froth dissipater allows maximum fuel flow without the shut off operating prematurely.

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Anodised Aluminium

Temperature Range: 

– 30°C to + 52°C


Straight / Curved

Other Features: 

Proximity lever

Automatic high level shut-off

Froth dissipater sleeve

Manual override button

Alternative designs and specifications for the Refuelling Nozzle – Model G457 are available on request