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To be continued…..


Drums, Casks and IBC’s What better to compliment our range than the ability to fill smaller containers.  After a good few years of selling loading arms we realised there was huge opportunity for filling other containers.  Our factories expanded to begin manufacturing Nozzles and Drum Filling Heads.  A range that quickly saw us selling into… Continue reading 2008


Swivel Joints get bigger and better With the increased requirements for special applications outside our standard range, EWFM welcome the expansion into a UK based factory.  Now supplying Swivel Joints suited for high pressures, loads and temperatures it opened whole new world of possibilities.


Did someone say Folding Stairs? Having supplied Loading Arms for a good couple of years, what better to compliment them?  We introduced our range of Folding Stairs to ensure a safe operation when filling from heights.  As the years have passed by this range has expanded, we now offer pneumatic folding stairs, full on gantries… Continue reading 2003


Let the first Swivel Joints begin With a new manufacturing facility now open, not only does loading arm range increase but we welcome the edition of Standard Swivel Joints to our portfolio.  Available in a range of configurations they began to fly out of our door.


EWFM Founded Having previously been a part of Syltone, after a management buyout, this was the year EW Fuel Management was born.  Now an independent Company operating from Jarman Way, we started our adventure by selling loading arms and fuelling equipment.