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Conscious Uncoupling

Bucking the trend of lovey dovey schmaltz on this, the most ‘loved up’ day of the year, we would like to discuss the benefits of conscious uncoupling. No, we are not encouraging you to break someone’s heart, but to make the decision to use a product guaranteeing the highest level of safety and the quickest… Continue reading Conscious Uncoupling

API Couplers

API Couplers used for bottom loading and un-loading of petroleum tankers have been industry standard for connecting and dis-engaging from tanker filling adaptors since the mid 1970’s. EWFM can offer two options of API Couplers, both of which are designed and manufactured to fully meet API RP1004 specification:- API Liquid Coupler – Model 3659 API Vapour… Continue reading API Couplers

Loading Arm Couplings

Loading arm couplings are used to ensure a safe, dry and quick connection to that of a mating road or rail tanker. The most common range used for hydrocarbon loading arms is the API Liquid Coupler and the API Vapour Coupler.  We also however offer the full range of Mann-tek Couplings (according to STANAG 3756)… Continue reading Loading Arm Couplings

Chemical Couplings

The EWFM range of Chemical Couplings offer you a quick, safe, reliable, dry and easy to operate coupling system.  Every coupling is made to order and customised to suit your desired chemical.  Be it Hydrochloric and sulfuric acids to MEK, EWFM can engineer a coupling that is right for you! Follow our quick and simple steps… Continue reading Chemical Couplings

Quick, Safe and Spill Free

A Coupling is a device used to unite two product lines together via a quick, safe and spill free connection. Couplings are used in many industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, aviation, and marine.  As well as more specialised markets such as bulk powder transfer, brewery finished products, food and pharmaceutical. Our most commonly… Continue reading Quick, Safe and Spill Free