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Vertical Elevated Tanker Loading Platform

About the Vertical Elevated Tanker Loading Platform:

The Vertical Elevated Tanker Loading Platform offers a versatile solution for safe and efficient access to tankers, rail cars, and containers.  This robust platform provides operators with a secure, handrailed enclosure at the required working height.  For easy access from ground level, the platform can be integrated with ladder and stairway kits.

The platform boasts the flexibility to transform into a comprehensive safety system.  By incorporating our Tanker Folding Stairs and Safety Cages, you create a complete solution for secure access at varying tanker heights. This integrated approach minimises fall risks and fosters a safe environment throughout the loading process.

The foundation of this reliable system lies in its robust construction. Each corner features a support column capable of housing a loading arm. The platform sides are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with folding stairs and an access ladder. This unwavering stability is achieved through a heavy-wall main support column, complete with base and head plates, and a welded steel profile platform. Stringent quality control ensures compliance with construction standards like EN 1090-2, guaranteeing a safe and dependable operation.

If you are looking for alternative safety measurements for your warehouse or factory, please take a look at our range of Access Systems.

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