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Floating Oil Skimmer

Floating Oil Skimmer

The floating oil skimmer is the perfect solution for the separation of floating pollutants in tanks. In various processes, there is an undesirable build up of two immiscible liquids, which are oil and water based. Although both of these can be separated physically and chemically, mechanical separation is more economical and won’t alter the properties of the fluids.

It’s design allows the the extraction of one of the products (oil, water, or both) without the need to purge to find out how much of each product is present. All of our products are tailormade for each individual project, which allows them to operate in tanks of various sizes, varying types of floating roofs, and components compatible with any stored product.

If you are looking for primary or secondary seals for your tanks, please take a look at our range of internal and external Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals.

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Main Parts (Swivel Joint, Pipes & support):

Aluminium / Steel / Stainless Steel


Aluminium / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel



Alternative designs and specifications for the Oil Skimmer are available on request