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Secondary Wiper Seal (WPR)

Secondary Wiper Seal (WPR)

The Secondary Wiper Seal is designed to prevent product loss and atmospheric contamination from Internal Floating Roof Tanks (IFRT) and to ensure effective operation in specific tank conditions. This Seal can be used for aluminium and carbon internal floating Roofs.

For other designs, please head to our Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals page where you can find a range of internal and external tank seals.

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Material Specification:

PVC / Nitrile

Material seal: Nitrile / PVC

Exceptional chemical resistance to alcohol, ethanol and other special applications.

Excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Temperature range: -10 to 105 ° C

Standard dimensions: 310mm (L) x 13-4mm (T)


Material seal: Crosslinked polyethylene XPE

Exceptional chemical resistance for alcohol, ethanol and other special applications

Excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion.

Temperature range: -60 to 80 ºC

Standard dimensions: 310mm (L) x 20mm (T)

Material Specification:


Material seal: Urethane

Exceptional chemical resistance for MTBE and 100% aromatics.

Excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion.

Standard dimensions: 300mm (L)

Temperature range: -30 to 60 ºC

Alternative designs and specifications for the Secondary Wiper Seal (WPR) are available on request

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