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Articulated Roof Drain

Articulated Roof Drain

The articulated roof drain is specifically designed for the removal of snow melt and rainwater from the roof of storage tank units with floating roofs. These are the ideal solution and a necessity when a floating roof is being used to protect the tank as a build up of weather residue can cause damage if not collected. These drains are designed for minimum maintenance, and we design these by looking at your tank drawings, so they avoid interaction with roof legs and other aspects within the tank.

This roof drain is supplied with a flange at either end and multiple high quality swivel joints that allow the drain to move smoothly in the vertical and horizontal plane. Additionally, the drain is supplied with a restraining cable to keep the drains shape and to avoid it moving significantly within the tank.

When ordering this, we will provide drawings for approval. This prevents any miss communication between us and the customer. Once the articulated roof drain arrive at your site, we also provide complete instructions for installation.  These are clearly labelled with images to reduce the risk of any misunderstanding when assembling.

If you are looking for floating suction units for storage tanks, please take a look at our range of single and double arm floating suction units.

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Available Sizes:

2″ / 3″ / 4″ / 6″ / 8″ / 10″ / 12″


Aluminium / Stainless Steel

Connection Flange: 

ANSI 150 / PN 16



Swivel Joints Used: 

Style 40 (2 x 90 degree elbows), supplied with two track of ball bearings and suitable seals for submerged duty

Alternative designs and specifications for the Articulated Roof Drain are available on request

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