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Double Arm Floating Suction Unit

Double Arm Floating Suction Unit

The double floating suction unit is the opposite design to our single arm version because it is the ideal solution for when the height of the tank in use is greater than its diameter. The floating suction is designed to draw fuel from roughly 500mm below the fluids surface. This ensures suction of the purist fuel without the contamination of particles and scum which will often be found at the surface of the tank.  Halfway up there is another style 40 ( 2 x 90 degree elbows) swivel joint which allows for the arm to reach the top of the tank whereas a single arm would be limited by the width of the tank.

A leg will be included subject to the size of the tank to stop the floating suction from drawing fuel near the bottom of the tank where contaminated water will be. Therefore, you will draw the purist fuel while also giving a long life to the water separator cartridges and increase their overall efficiency.

An optional addition is a fixed or floating roof.  When a floating suction unit is required for a tank with a floating roof a trolley system is used instead of floats at the top of the unit.  This means as the roof drops and rises the trolley effectively runs across the roof of the tank.

If you are looking for primary or secondary seals for your tanks, please take a look at our range of internal and external Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals.

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Available Sizes:

Ranging from 2″ up to 40″


Aluminium / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

Tanker Installation possibilities: 

Above and Below Ground



Flow rate: 

1.5 m/s


Viton® / PTFE


Permanently lubricated Swivel Joints

Sampling Lines (To sample fluids at various heights)

Level Indicator (To indicate what position the floating suction is at)

Alternative designs and specifications for the Double Arm Floating Suction Unit are available on request

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