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Floating Decanter Arm

About the Floating Decanter Arm:

A Floating Decanter Arm, also known as a clarifier arm or scum baffle, are components used in water treatment processes, specifically in settling tanks or clarifiers. These tanks are designed to separate solids from liquids through the settling process, where gravity allows heavier particles to settle at the bottom while clearer water moves to the top.

The Floating Decanter Arm plays a crucial role in this process by helping to remove clarified water (or effluent) from the top of the tank. Here’s a basic explanation of how they work:

Tank Structure

In a settling tank, there are inflows of water containing suspended solids. As these solids settle, the clear water accumulates at the top.

Floating Decanter Arm

These are typically long, horizontal arms with openings or weirs on their sides. They’re positioned near the water surface inside the tank.  They are designed and made to order for each application

Effluent Collection

As the clear water rises to the top, the floating decanter arm is strategically placed to collect this water. The arm is positioned at a set depth from which the clarified water is drawn below the surface.

Effluent Removal

The collected clarified water is then drawn out through the floating decanter arm and directed out of the tank for further treatment or discharge.

Preventing Scum or Floating Debris

Apart from drawing off clear water, decanting arms may also act as scum baffles to prevent floating debris, oils, or other lighter materials from escaping with the effluent. The design of the arms helps in separating these substances, keeping the effluent as clean as possible.

These arms are essential in maintaining the efficiency of the clarifier or settling tank by ensuring that only the cleanest water is removed for further processing. They contribute significantly to the overall quality of treated water in the water treatment industry.

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Available Sizes:

Ranging from 2″ up to 40″


Aluminium / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel

Tanker Installation possibilities: 

Above and Below Ground



Flow rate: 

1.5 m/s


Viton® / PTFE


Permanently lubricated Swivel Joints

Sampling Lines (To sample fluids at various heights)

Level Indicator (To indicate what position the floating suction is at)

Alternative designs and specifications for the Floating Decanter Arm are available on request

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