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Internal Floating Roof – Full Contact

About the Full Contact Internal Floating Roof:

The full contact internal floating roof is an advanced and professional solution meticulously designed to address the persistent challenge of emissions in storage tanks. This innovative internal floating roof represents a significant leap forward in emission control technology, aligning seamlessly with the industry’s evolving standards. Designed to meet the exacting API 19.2 guidelines, our Full Contact Internal Floating Roof establishes complete contact with the stored product, eliminating the vapour layer.

The roof’s construction utilises honeycomb-shaped light panels that interlock to create a robust floating screen. Each individual panel functions autonomously, further enhancing stability while maintaining safety and accessibility within the tank. The design adheres to the requirements outlined in API 650, Appendix H, reassuring customers of its exceptional quality and performance. The main panels are sized to allow for easy assembly, which are complemented by special panels that adapt to varying tank diameters.

Crafted entirely from aluminium, the roof guarantees compatibility with a wide range of stored products, mitigating concerns related to material interactions. Unlike traditional carbon steel screens, this aluminium construction eliminates the need for perforating supports, substantially reducing the risk of leakage. Leak prevention remains at the core of the design, as our Full Contact Internal Floating Roof accommodates primary and secondary metal seals, ensuring a robust sealing system for maximum efficiency and safety.

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