Euro Fever Hits the UK

EURO 2024

Euro Fever Hits the UK

It’s that time again, folks! The unmistakable buzz of the Euros will be hitting the nation, and in our pubs across the land as we gear up for a month of glorious football (or soccer, for our friends across the pond). Yes, Euro 2024 is upon us, and here in the UK, the excitement is already reaching fever pitch!

In this week’s blog, we’ll be diving headfirst into the Euro frenzy that’s gripped the nation. We’ll be taking a look at the staggering rise in beer and alcohol sales over the next four weeks, a clear indicator of the nation’s thirst for both the beautiful game and a refreshing beverage to celebrate (or commiserate, depending on the result!).

But fear not, brewers! Here at EWFM, we’re here to ensure the beer keeps flowing throughout the tournament. We’ll be delving into how our top-notch range of filling and emptying equipment is helping the UK’s brewing industry meet the ever-growing demand during this monumental sporting event.

Euro 2024:

This summer, Germany proudly hosts the UEFA Euro 2024, the 17th edition of the European Football Championship. This prestigious tournament has captured the hearts of fans since its inception in 1960. Back then, only four teams competed in a single-knockout format, a far cry from the 24-team competition it is today. The competition starts this Friday at the Allianz Arena in Munich as hosts Germany will be taking on Scotland in a highly anticipated match up.

While France, fresh off their World Cup win, are favourites with their star-studded squad, Belgium’s golden generation with De Bruyne and Lukaku can’t be ignored. Don’t forget Italy, the reigning European champions, whose tactical brilliance and defensive solidity shouldn’t be underestimated. But the beauty of the Euros lies in its potential for upsets. Croatia, with their experienced veterans like Modrić, could weave their magic again. Turkey’s young, exciting players are a force to be reckoned with, and Austria’s tactical approach under Rangnick might surprise some big names.

(For those waiting for us to talk about England, We will all be watching very closely, of course, with our usual mix of hope and… well, you know. But hey, stranger things have happened, right?)

Euro Fever Hits the UK
Keeping the Beer flowing over the next month:

Football and drinking go hand in hand, especially during major competitions like the Euros. According to the Express, “Spending around the European Football Championships the Euros is set to deliver a £2.75 billion boost to the UK economy, including pubs, supermarkets, and tech stores.” They also predict that the UK is “set to spend £613.7m at hospitality venues throughout the tournament, including £396.5m on drinks alone.”

This surge in the economy means that breweries across the country and around the world will be preparing for stocks to fly off the shelves. To meet this demand, an efficient and reliable filling and emptying process will need to be in place to ensure schedules are kept.

Our Products designed for Breweries: 

EWFM is home to specialised Filling & Emptying Equipment currently used at breweries such as BrewDog and Timothy Taylors in the UK, and Brewery Het Anker in Belgium. Two products suited for filling various liquids, including beer, into containers such as drums, casks, IBCs, and barrels are the Model AR Drum Filling system and the ZV & AZV Engineered Delivery Nozzles.

The Model AR® Drum Filling Head, despite its name, is versatile and can be used for both filling and emptying. The product features one product port and one vapour port, and it is equipped with an Endress & Hauser tuning fork overfill level sensor that signals for liquid shut-off, ensuring a safe and reliable operation. This design provides an easy-to-use system for transferring various liquid products.

In addition to the Drum Filling Head, we offer two types of Engineered Nozzles: the ZV® and the AZV®. The ZV® is our manual nozzle, designed for one-handed operation and featuring a dead man’s device for increased safety. When the handle is released, the valve closes instantly, stopping the flow. The AZV® is our automatic nozzle, similar to petrol station pumps. By pulling the lever, it enters automatic mode and ceases the filling process once the desired level is reached.

Images of the Nozzle and Drum Filler

When you’re sipping on that freshly poured pint of beer, think about EWFM. For more information on our range of Filling & Emptying Equipment, get in touch with our experienced sales team. They will assist you in finding the technical engineered solution to fit your needs.

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