Floating Suction Units

Floating Suction Units

EWFMs Floating Suction Units are the most popular products in our storage tank equipment range.  We can supply the Double Arm Floating Suction Unit and Single Arm Floating Suction Unit.  We also, for a different process, supply the Articulated Roof Drain.


What’s the difference between floating suction units and articulated roof drains?
  • Floating suction units are used in aviation fuel or oil storage tanks and are designed to draw fuel from just under the fuel surface. This fuel is the purest and isn’t contaminated by sediment that sits on the fuel surface nor the water that congregates at the bottom.
  • The articulated roof drain is designed specifically for the removal of rainwater and snow melt from the top of storage tanks with a floating roof.


Why a double arm?

The double arm floating suction unit is designed for tanks where the height is greater than the diameter.  There is usually a leg set according to the tank size to stop the floating suction assembly drawing fuel off near the bottom of the tank where it may be contaminated by water. Consequently this gives a longer life to the water separator cartridges and an increase in their efficiency.


Extra Information
  • Floating suction assemblies are made in aluminium as standard but stainless steel versions are available. Internal diameter sizes range from 1” to 12” as standard, but larger sizes up to 48” can be supplied.
  • The articulated roof drain, supplied with a Style 40 Rotary Swivel Joint, is available in stainless steel or carbon steel. Sizes available are 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”.
  • The tanks can be above or below ground, can be horizontal or vertical and have either a floating or a fixed roof.
  • Did you know floating suction units are mandatory at aircraft refuelling facilities?


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