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Double Compression Plate Seal (DL5)

Double Compression Plate Seal (DL5)

The Double Compression Plate is based on the Compression Plate Seal. The assembly of the seal could be from the top of the tank roof. The seal can be installed while the tank is in service as it doesn’t need to be welded. The seal can be adapted to the tank deformations since this is custom made. The draw shows a skirt designed to be introduced in the stored product to reduce product losses. The vapour barrier membranes are normally manufactured from polyurethane-coated nylon fabric with very low vapour permeability properties. PVC Nitrile, PTFE/Teflon or Fireclose materials may be adopted depending of customers’ requirements.

The seal design is such that all the fixings are on the outside of the seal; i.e. the tank shell side is completely smooth. The smooth outside surface of the seal ensures that the risk of damage is minimized if the roof is floating above the tank shell. The seal can be fixed to either a vertical upstand or horizontal angle. The dimensions of the compression plate can be varied to suit a wide range of nominal rim spaces. The wiper maintains approximately 65 mm contact with the wall of annular spaces

For other designs, please head to our Floating Roof Storage Tank Seals page where you can find a range of internal and external tank seals.

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Material Specification:

Compression Plate:

1.6mm Galvanised Steel 1.5 mm Stainless Steel

Clamp Channels:

Galvanised or Stainless Steel


Synthetic rubber

Vapour Barrier:

Polyurethane / PTFE / SC


Stainless Steel

Typical Service Life :

10-20 years

Technical data:

Rim space:

200 mm ± 120 mm (standard)

Aromatic resistance:


Alternative designs and specifications for the Double Compression Plate Seal (DL5) are available on request