Multiport Swivels

Multiport Swivels

Multiport Swivels, also known as Multiport Rotary Unions, offer fixed input to rotating output connections. The main purpose is to allow multiple flows across a common rotational axis.

Popular systems for using Multiport Swivel Joints include hydraulics, pneumatic’s, water, cables, vacuums, coolants or gases.  Bespoke designs are available together with mounting flanges or brackets which can be fixed to match your requirements.


Applications include
  • Subsea systems
  • Winch systems
  • Plant and machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Umbilical hose lines
  • Hydraulics
  • Ports are able to exit radially or Axially
  • Heavy duty bearings to support external loads
  • Leak detection ports are also available.
Technical information
  • Built to order from 316L Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or other material as the application requires
  • Pressures can be suitable up to 1379 Bar (20,000 PSI)
  • Threaded End Connections – BSPP, BSPT, NPT
  • Flanged Connections – SAE, ASME, PN


The most important thing to remember with our Multiport Rotary Unions is that they are made to order.  Over the years we have produced many weird and extravagant looking ones (some of which can be seen in the gallery on our website).   So please send us your requirements and we should be able to offer you a solution to your problem.


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Agrochemicals Equipment

Agrochemicals – How do you treat yours

If you’re involved in the safe transfer of fluids and chemicals and in any part of the Agrochemicals Industry at EWFM we will have a solution to meet your needs

We specialise in media’s that require careful handling and engineer our products to suit your individual needs.

From our Filing & Emptying Equipment, Loading Arms to Couplings we have a product range and the knowledge to support you.



Available in sizes 0.5”, 1”, 1.5” and 2” our Nozzles are designed for filing storage containers such as IBC’s and Drums with a wide variety of fluids and chemicals.

Stainless Steel as standard but we are also able to provide in Hastelloy and can be PTFE lined.  Hygienic versions can also be made.

You can have a manual or automatic version. The automatic version can detect the back pressure when the fluid reaches the top and automatically cuts off the valve.

You can also fit a range of vapour recovery systems, operation sensors and end fittings.

For further information on our Nozzles please see our website on the link below

Drum Filling Head

Our Drum Filling Head is available in sizes of ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” and in a range of materials including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy & PTFE.

Used for filling drums, and IBCs, we can tailor these for most requirements.

They provide a safe, reliable and easy system for transferring products, even where the product is either too chemically aggressive, highly viscous or contains particles.

A Nitrogen Purge can be fitted on request, perfect for aggressive agrochemicals that need dispersing.

For further information on our Drum Filling Heads please see our website on the link below

Engineered Drum Filling Head

Loading Arms

Perfect for Bulk Filling and designed to suit your media requirements, our Loading Arms can be used to fill drums, IBC’s and Tankers.

Manufactured in sizes down to a 2″ bore they are genuinely supplied in a top filling configuration.  They are easy to operate with high quality Swivels allowing for smooth movement.

Loading arms can be used with Agrochemicals be it acids or alkalis.

For further information on our Loading Arms please check out our website on the link below

 Fixed Reach Chemical Top Loading Arm


Guaranteeing the highest level of safety, our Dry Disconnect Couplings are available in sizes from ¾” to 8” and are designed for a quick and spill free.

connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines.   Available in a range of materials to suit your requirement including Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and special plastics.

Available with selectivity avoiding cross contamination between products and are easy to use in all weathers.  They provide no spill and are compatible with other manufacturer’s couplings according to STANAG 3756.

We can supply with an integrated swivel joint to take pressure off the hose and avoid it twisting.

Dry Disconnect Couplings are in use in installations all over the world, especially where certification is required as standard. All couplings are certified by TœV, Apragaz, Veritas, TDT, plus regionally required approvals.

For more information on our Dry Disconnect Couplings please see our website on the link below

Dry Disconnect COuplings

Breakaway Couplings

Made of Aluminium or stainless steel and usually installed onto Loading Arms and Hose Assemblies where at least one side is attached to a fixed point.

Designed to prevent pull away accidents, protect terminal and loading / unloading equipment and eliminate unwanted product release.

The couplings breaking point will break at a set break load whereupon the internal valves will automatically close. This will minimise down time, save money, equipment and the environment.

They can come in sizes from 1” – 12” with working pressures from 16 – 25 Bar with up to 40 Bar available on request.

For further information on our Breakaway Couplings please see our website on the link below.

Industrial Breakaway Couplings

Whether you’re involved in Agrochemicals, be it Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Nematicides or Herbicides we will be able to help you

You can contact us through the website, directly on +44 1763 248650 or email and challenge Guy and Mike today to find the right solution for you!

Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Swivel Joints

Aviation Swivel Joints are used in aircraft refuelling trucks.  The swivel is the movable part that relieves hose or pipe of stress and torsion.  It allows easy and safe handling for the refuelling process.

Made of aluminium or stainless steel the swivels are of premium quality and long lasting, with the added advantage of being maintenance free.


Technical details
  • Sizes from DN50 (2”) up to DN150 (6”)
  • Can be used up to 16 bar (232 psi) pressure
  • Temperature range from -60˚C up to +180˚C
  • Available in either aluminium or stainless steel
  • High Quality PTFE seals
  • The flange connections are in accordance with TW / DIN / TTMA standards

EWFM not only supply to the aviation industry, we also supply to Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drink and Power Generation.  Our swivels are used not only for aviation fuel but also for acids, whiskys, mud and many more medias.


See our Swivel Joints page for the full range, some include:

All Swivels can be customised, with many sizes, materials, seals, and flanges available.


For more information on our Aviation Refuelling Nozzles please visit their retrospective pages or contact us direct.

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Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

Aviation Refuelling Nozzles

EWFM supply a range of aviation refuelling nozzles.  Our range includes the G457 Hot refuelling Nozzles and standard G180 refuelling Nozzles.  Both nozzles come in a range of variations dependant on customer requirements.  These Nozzles are supplied to ensure safe refuelling, minimising the risk of damage to the aircraft and the operator.


Refuelling Nozzle – Model G180

EWFM supply the ALL NEW G180 series over-wing refuelling nozzle that has replaced the G457-240 series nozzle which has been in use with the United Kingdom MOD for many years. As a result of listening to the operators in the field and UK MOD engineers it now incorporates many new features and benefits. This refuelling nozzle is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to operate.

A Speed Spout system has been designed to give the operator the choice of which spout suits the aircraft. As a result it allows the spouts to be changed in a matter of seconds.

Spout configurations

  • Flared
  • 1.5″ straight
  • 1″ straight
  • With or without a bumper ring

Features & Benefits

  • Soft Close – This permits the operator to control the flow of fuel.
  • Bumpers – If the operator places the nozzle on the wing the contact rubber bumpers protect the wing material.
  • Designed for wearing heavy gloves. This allows the operator to wear protective clothing especially in cold weather.
  • Anti-FOD component design. The components are fitted with anti FOD designed parts
  • Light weight construction. The nozzle with 1.5″ spout, inlet check valve and the optional bumper ring weighs 3.15 kilos (6.95 lbs)
  • Ball bearing inlet swivel. This allows some rotation and facilitates refuelling.
  • Soft Dust Cap & lanyard. This is easy to fit and protects the spout.
  • Quick coupling Speed Spout design is easy to use and fast to change.


Hot Refuelling Nozzle – Model G457

The G457 hot refuelling nozzle has been in operation with the United Kingdom MOD since the 1970’s. The requirement for Hot Refuelling was identified as an essential safety feature permitting the aircraft to be refuelled with the turbines and avionics running. These aviation refuelling nozzles allow for rapid turn round of the aircraft, safely reducing the risk of injury to the crew and damage to the aircraft. In addition the nozzle is used in all climates and furthermore the hot refuelling nozzle is also available with a special extra low temperature design. As a result this tried and tested design has built up an excellent reputation for safety and reliability.


  • Construction material Anodised Aluminium
  • Proximity lever.
  • Automatic high level shut-off
  • Froth dissipater sleeve
  • Manual override button
  • Flow control mechanism
  • Inlet strainer: 100 mesh
  • Dust Cap
  • Grounding Wire assembly with Jack Plug and Crocodile Clip
  • Curved or straight spout option
  • Temperature Range: -30ºC to +52ºC
  • Low temperature design available on request


  • The material of body construction is resistant to fuels and vapours ensuring a corrosion free long life.
  • Fuel will only be delivered when the lever is depressed against the fuselage to prevent spillage
  • High level shut off therefore protecting the operator and aircraft from spillage when the tanks are full.
  • Froth dissipator allows maximum fuel flow without the shut off operating prematurely.
  • Manual override button is also a safety feature consequently protecting crew and aircraft.
  • Flow control mechanism ensures a regulated and steady fuel flow.
  • Inlet strainer stops foreign particles entering the fuel tanks
  • Dust cap keeps the spout clear of particles in addition to the strainer.
  • Grounding wire and crocodile earths the aircraft consequently preventing build up of static.
  • Spouts van be curved or straight depending on the design of the fuel inlet.
  • Lastly the nozzles can be used from hot deserts to Arctic regions.


For more information on our Aviation Refuelling Nozzles please visit their retrospective pages or contact us direct.

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Floating Suction Units

Floating Suction Units

EWFMs Floating Suction Units are the most popular products in our storage tank equipment range.  We can supply the Double Arm Floating Suction Unit and Single Arm Floating Suction Unit.  We also, for a different process, supply the Articulated Roof Drain.


What’s the difference between floating suction units and articulated roof drains?
  • Floating suction units are used in aviation fuel or oil storage tanks and are designed to draw fuel from just under the fuel surface. This fuel is the purest and isn’t contaminated by sediment that sits on the fuel surface nor the water that congregates at the bottom.
  • The articulated roof drain is designed specifically for the removal of rainwater and snow melt from the top of storage tanks with a floating roof.


Why a double arm?

The double arm floating suction unit is designed for tanks where the height is greater than the diameter.  There is usually a leg set according to the tank size to stop the floating suction assembly drawing fuel off near the bottom of the tank where it may be contaminated by water. Consequently this gives a longer life to the water separator cartridges and an increase in their efficiency.


Extra Information
  • Floating suction assemblies are made in aluminium as standard but stainless steel versions are available. Internal diameter sizes range from 1” to 12” as standard, but larger sizes up to 48” can be supplied.
  • The articulated roof drain, supplied with a Style 40 Rotary Swivel Joint, is available in stainless steel or carbon steel. Sizes available are 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”.
  • The tanks can be above or below ground, can be horizontal or vertical and have either a floating or a fixed roof.
  • Did you know floating suction units are mandatory at aircraft refuelling facilities?


Click here to visit our storage tank equipment page
Drum Filling Equipment

Drum Filling Equipment

EWFM supply a range of drum filling equipment, this includes engineered delivery nozzles, the drum filling head and even loading arms in some circumstances.

This range of drum or cask filling equipment is suitable for a wide range of fluids, at varying temperatures and pressures.   Each product is made to order and your specific requirements.


Drum Filling Head

The EWFM Drum Filling Head with Automatic Level Sensor is used for filling drums, IBCs, totes, barrels and casks.  This unit is used by companies in the food & drink, pharmaceutical, chemical and oil industries.  It can be adapted to suit most requirements and is a safe, reliable and easy system for transferring products, even where the fluid or paste to be transferred is either too chemically aggressive, highly viscous or contains particles.

The Engineered Drum Filler is generally supplied with one product port and one vapour port.  It is fitted with an Endress & Hauser tuning fork overfill level sensor to provide a signal for liquid shut-off when wired to your system/pump.  The sizes it is available in are 0.5”, 1”, 1.5” and 2” and materials available include Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and PTFE.  It can also be fitted with a Nitrogen purge on request.


Engineered Delivery Nozzles

The EWFM Engineered Delivery Nozzles are also designed for filling a wide variety of fluids into storage containers such as IBCs, drums and casks.  The Nozzles are available as a Manual Dispensing Nozzle or an Automatic Nozzle.  The manual version is operated by pulling and releasing the trigger to open and close the valve.  The automatic version has the advantage of sensing the back pressure when the fluid reaches the top of the drum and shuts off the valve automatically; a perfect solution to reduce the risk of overfilling.

The nozzle sizes available are 0.5”, 1”, 1.5” and 2” and materials include Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and also PTFE lined.  The Nozzles can also be fitted with a range of vapour recovery systems, operation sensors and end fittings.   We also offer a hygienic version on request.


Loading Arms

In some cases loading arms can be used to fill drums or Ibc’s.  Loading arms can be adapted to suit your media; our applications include hydrocarbon, chemical, food and hot products.  For this application they are genuinely supplied in a top filling configuration.  Manufactured in sizes down to a 2” bore they are the ideal solution for bulk filling.

Loading arm


Other related products to drum filling equipment include:

Loading arms

Loading Arms

At EWFM we supply an extensive range of loading arms for filling road or rail tankers.  Our loading arms can be adapted to suit your media; our applications include hydrocarbon, chemical, food and hot products.  They can be supplied for either top filling or bottom filling depending on the requirement.  All are arms are equipped with high quality Swivel Joints that ensures easy and smooth manoeuvrability for the operator.


Top Loading Arms

Top loading arms are genuinely used when filling through the Man hole on the top of a road or rail tanker.  At EWFM we supply many configurations; it may be a fixed reach arm designed to fill up one compartment from a single point or a long range variable reach arm that is designed to fill multiple compartments from a single point.

Our Top loading arms can be manufactured in:

  • Aluminium
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alternative materials on request

In sizes of:

  • 1”
  • 2”
  • 3”
  • 4”
  • 5”
  • 6”
  • 8”

Our top loading arms can also be supplied with numerous optional extras, some of these include:


Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading arms are generally fitted with an API or dry break coupler that connects to the mating adaptor on the road or rail tanker.  Like our top loading arms, bottom loading arms also come in a wide range of configurations.  Very often they are supplied staggered (like in the picture above).  This allows the arms to overlap and fill multiple compartments at the same time.  These arms are very often distinguished with colour coded hose covers.

Our Bottom loading arms can also be manufactured in:

  • Aluminium
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alternative materials on request

In sizes of:

  • 1”
  • 2”
  • 3”
  • 4”
  • 5”
  • 6”
  • 8”

Our bottom loading arms can also be supplied with numerous optional extras, these include:



Other than our standard range we also offer arms for those difficult fluids and gases to handle.  Hot products such as bitumen need to be heated in order to keep the media in its liquid state.  We therefore offer arms that can be electrically heated or heat jacketed with hot oil.  We can supply arms with insulation if this is required.

Furthermore we also offer special loading stations and arms designed for LPG.  These include an arm for loading and an arm for vapour recovery.  They are often ordered with a Stand post when the customer hasn’t already got a structure to support them.

We also have a large range of Access systems including folding stairs and gantry stands.  These are used for your operators safety when top filling your road or rail tanker.

For more information or an enquiry please don’t hesitate to contact Guy or Mike via:


Please check out our loading and unloading arms page for more information
EWFM ISO 9001:2008 2017

EWFM Celebrate 26 Perfect ISO Audits and Counting…

EWFM Celebrate 26 Perfect ISO Audits and Counting…

If you want the best and proven quality talk to us at  EWFM.

We completed our 26th consecutive audit for the ISO 9001-2008 quality standard this week and for the 26th audit running we have no major or minor non-conformance’s.   An amazing achievement and thoroughly deserved for our great team and the hard work everyone puts in

Next time it’s ISO 9001-2015

If you have a requirement and would like to discuss it with us, Guy, Mike and the rest of our excellent team are available and look forward to hearing from you

You can contact them directly on +44 1763 248650, through the contact us section on our website or email at 

Loading arm couplings

Loading Arm Couplings

Loading arm couplings are used to ensure a safe, dry and quick connection to that of a mating road or rail tanker. The most common range used for hydrocarbon loading arms is the API Liquid Coupler and the API Vapour Coupler.  We also however offer the full range of Mann-tek Couplings (according to STANAG 3756) which can also be used dependant on your mating connection.


API Liquid Coupler – Aluminium

The 4″ Female API Couplers (Liquid) Model C-2659 are for bottom loading hydrocarbon road tankers.

This is an industry standard design according to the American Petroleum RP1004 and consists of 7 operating lugs, 5 interlock lugs and 2 trigger mechanisms for security.   We also offer a bio-fuel version on request.

In addition we use the female API coupler as standard on our Bottom Loading Arm models 740, 750 and many others.


API Vapour Coupler – Aluminium

Designed for road tanker bottom loading, the 4” API Vapour Coupler connects to the tank trucks mating male vapour adaptor.  It has been designed for use with Loading Arms and flexible hose assemblies, for use with hydrocarbon products.

This API vapour coupler also has a TTMA flange with a check valve that ensures it is sealed when it is not connected to a tank truck. Furthermore the locking system between the two parts is a Cam and Groove type and is engaged by the two levers on the side of the coupling.  Once again this coupling is made in accordance with API RP1004


Mann-tek Couplings


The Dry Disconnect Coupling, can be used for connection and disconnection of Loading arms to and from tankers.  They work on the “push and turn to connect” system, and when coupled you have full flow.  Similarly to disconnect, “turn and pull” and then it is released with no spillage.  Dry Disconnect Couplings are our standard choice for handling liquids and are available in sizes from ½” to 8” in materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Hastelloy.  If you are unsure, please give us a call and we will help to advise the correct product for you.


In many cases where extra safety is required we also equip safety breakaways to our loading arm couplings.  In the event a tanker moves off while a coupling is still connected the safety breakaway removes the risk of damage and safely breaks cutting off the fluid.



Drilling Swivels

At EWFM we supply Drilling Swivels as part of our wide range of Rotary Unions. Whether you are drilling for oil, water or gas these swivel are designed to allow rotation of the drill while conveying high volumes of high pressure drilling mud.  These swivels are also used for horizontal drilling.


Being a specialised industry Drilling needs special swivels to do a hard job.  Usually they are available in 3” and 4” and are made of hardened carbon steel for durability. Very often this application requires special flanges and they are made to suit your mating connection.


Due to the harsh environment in which these swivels operate, the seals will be prone to deterioration and will corrode.  At EWFM we can provide replacement seal kits which will prolong the life of the swivel joint, making it more cost effective for our customers.


The many countries we have supplied drilling swivels to include Australia, Chile, China, India, Poland, UAE and the USA.


At EWFM we have a long history in supplying Swivel Joints to the oil, gas and subsea industries, and also the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, distilling, brewing and petrochemical sectors.


Not only do we supply standard swivel joints we also supply engineered, subsea swivels, compact swivels, high pressure swivel joints, and multiport rotary unions.  Most of our swivel joints can be supplied in a range of styles and sizes.


Forming an integral part of articulated pipework assemblies such as loading arms and floating suctions, swivel joints also relieves stress and torsion on hose or pipework.  This prevents damage which could result in costly downtime through repair and delays.


The best way to check if we can supply your requirement, is to contact Guy or Mike at  or call them on +44 1763 248650 and they will be happy to discuss your need with you