Loading arm couplings

Loading Arm Couplings

Loading arm couplings are used to ensure a safe, dry and quick connection to that of a mating road or rail tanker. The most common range used for hydrocarbon loading arms is the API Liquid Coupler and the API Vapour Coupler.  We also however offer the full range of Mann-tek Couplings (according to STANAG 3756) which can also be used dependant on your mating connection.


API Liquid Coupler – Aluminium

The 4″ Female API Couplers (Liquid) Model C-2659 are for bottom loading hydrocarbon road tankers.

This is an industry standard design according to the American Petroleum RP1004 and consists of 7 operating lugs, 5 interlock lugs and 2 trigger mechanisms for security.   We also offer a bio-fuel version on request.

In addition we use the female API coupler as standard on our Bottom Loading Arm models 740, 750 and many others.


API Vapour Coupler – Aluminium

Designed for road tanker bottom loading, the 4” API Vapour Coupler connects to the tank trucks mating male vapour adaptor.  It has been designed for use with Loading Arms and flexible hose assemblies, for use with hydrocarbon products.

This API vapour coupler also has a TTMA flange with a check valve that ensures it is sealed when it is not connected to a tank truck. Furthermore the locking system between the two parts is a Cam and Groove type and is engaged by the two levers on the side of the coupling.  Once again this coupling is made in accordance with API RP1004


Mann-tek Couplings


The Dry Disconnect Coupling, can be used for connection and disconnection of Loading arms to and from tankers.  They work on the “push and turn to connect” system, and when coupled you have full flow.  Similarly to disconnect, “turn and pull” and then it is released with no spillage.  Dry Disconnect Couplings are our standard choice for handling liquids and are available in sizes from ½” to 8” in materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Hastelloy.  If you are unsure, please give us a call and we will help to advise the correct product for you.


In many cases where extra safety is required we also equip safety breakaways to our loading arm couplings.  In the event a tanker moves off while a coupling is still connected the safety breakaway removes the risk of damage and safely breaks cutting off the fluid.



Drilling Swivels

At EWFM we supply Drilling Swivels as part of our wide range of Rotary Unions. Whether you are drilling for oil, water or gas these swivel are designed to allow rotation of the drill while conveying high volumes of high pressure drilling mud.  These swivels are also used for horizontal drilling.


Being a specialised industry Drilling needs special swivels to do a hard job.  Usually they are available in 3” and 4” and are made of hardened carbon steel for durability. Very often this application requires special flanges and they are made to suit your mating connection.


Due to the harsh environment in which these swivels operate, the seals will be prone to deterioration and will corrode.  At EWFM we can provide replacement seal kits which will prolong the life of the swivel joint, making it more cost effective for our customers.


The many countries we have supplied drilling swivels to include Australia, Chile, China, India, Poland, UAE and the USA.


At EWFM we have a long history in supplying Swivel Joints to the oil, gas and subsea industries, and also the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, distilling, brewing and petrochemical sectors.


Not only do we supply standard swivel joints we also supply engineered, subsea swivels, compact swivels, high pressure swivel joints, and multiport rotary unions.  Most of our swivel joints can be supplied in a range of styles and sizes.


Forming an integral part of articulated pipework assemblies such as loading arms and floating suctions, swivel joints also relieves stress and torsion on hose or pipework.  This prevents damage which could result in costly downtime through repair and delays.


The best way to check if we can supply your requirement, is to contact Guy or Mike at sales@ewfm.co.uk  or call them on +44 1763 248650 and they will be happy to discuss your need with you

Chemical Couplings

Chemical Couplings

The EWFM range of Chemical Couplings offer you a quick, safe, reliable, dry and easy to operate coupling system.  Every coupling is made to order and customised to suit your desired chemical.  Be it Hydrochloric and sulfuric acids to MEK, EWFM can engineer a coupling that is right for you!

Follow our quick and simple steps to build your perfect coupling:


  • ½”
  • 1”
  • 1 ½”
  • 2”
  • 2 ½”
  • 3”
  • 4”
  • 6”
  • 8”


  • Stainless Steel
  • Hastelloy
  • Duplex
  • PTFE (100% metallic free) – Perfect for those corrosive acids
  • Aluminium
  • Peek
  • Gun Metal


  • Viton
  • EPDM
  • Vulkollan
  • Kalrez
  • Chemraz


End Connections
  • BSP
  • NPT
  • ANSI 150 Flanged
  • PN16 Flanged
  • Tri Clamp


Optional extras
  • Selectivity (reduce the risk of cross contamination)
  • Proximity Switches
  • Dust Caps and plugs
  • Locking Devices
  • Parking Adaptors


If you require a coupling with materials, seals, extras and end connections that are not listed above please do not fear.  Challenge us and we will be sure to create a coupling to suit your need!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Loading Arm Hose Covers

Loading Arm Hose Covers

Have you thought about using loading arm hose covers?  They come in a good range of colours and provide a safe and clear visual identification to the operator.  The colour coded system, very importantly, prevents product contamination.

Although there is no internationally recognised colour standard, the use of colour will vary worldwide.  Typical colour codes are:

  • Yellow = Derv
  • Brown = Gas Oil
  • Red = Premium
  • Green = Unleaded

Colour is not the only way to identify the product being used; words can also be printed such as “KERO”  “ULSD”   “ULSG”.

Manufactured in high quality polyurethane, the covers are fastened around the pipe/hose by either industrial strength Velcro or heavy duty zips.  The length of the covers can be made to the user’s specification.

Fluid couplers and adaptors with selectivity can also be used to prevent cross contamination, see our Couplings section for further information.

Please contact us for more information

Mike Phillips, EWFM, Royston

Welcome Mike Phillips – EWFM’s New Sales Engineer

Mike Phillips, our new Sales Engineer has just completed his first few weeks with our busy sales team and is fitting in nicely.

Mike brings a wealth of experience in both Sales and Relationship Management, and embraces EWFM’s passion to deliver quality and great customer service.

Mike’s desire is to grow our business through actively seeking and creating new opportunities and working closely with our existing customers to provide excellent results.

If you’re in the Oil and Gas, Distilling, Food manufacturing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries then challenge Mike and our team at EWFM to deliver your business requirements whether this be Nozzles for Whiskey, Loading arms with Vapour recovery for LPG, or Swivel Joints for Tobacco we can provide the ongoing support you require to produce the correct product for your need.

Keep in touch with Mike through:

Email                     : mike.phillips@ewfm.co.uk

Phone                   : 01763 248650

LinkedIn               : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-phillips-b5946930

Twitter                 : @EWFM_Mike

Mike will be happy to discuss and get answers for any queries you may have.

For general information on all of our products please find links to our Brand New Website www.ewfm.co.uk

Tanker Access Systems

Tanker Access Systems – Folding Stairs, Platforms and Gantry Stands

There will always be instances on site where tanker access systems are required to eliminate the risk of falling from height.  EWFM currently supply Folding Stairs, Gantry Stands, and Folding Platforms into numerous sites both in the UK and Worldwide.

EWFM Folding Stairs have been designed to provide a safe working environment for workers who need to access the top of road or rail tankers. They are generally used where the tankers height differs from that of the gantry.  Folding stairs are manufactured in two to four step designs and varying widths to suit your requirements.  They come supplied with handrails that run from the fixed step to the last moving step. The Folding Stairs can be supplied either manually or pneumatically operated and with or without Safety Cages to reduce further risk.

EWFM Gantry Stands are customised to suit your current or required operation.  They are designed to give the operator access to the height of tank trucks or rail car’s.  Access to the tanker is then provided via Folding Stairs or Access Platforms.  The actual stand provides a safe, handrail enclosed area at the required working height.

EWFM Folding Platforms provide safe access for the operator moving between Gantry and the top of the tanker where there is little or no variation in tanker height.  Also known as Bridging Access Platforms, Folding Platforms bridge the gap between a loading bay and tanker when loading and unloading goods.

Each of these tanker access systems components have numerous safety features, for example the Folding Stairs and platforms have anti-slip aluminium treads and a manual foot lock.  The Gantry Stand has fail safe features which include interlocks, speed controls, and automatic locking devices.

Please contact us for more information



FPS EXPO 2017 is the event of the year for the Oil distribution industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It took place at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre on the 10th and 11th of May.

A wide variety of senior professionals from across the UK, Europe and also as far afield as the USA visited the show to check out the latest industry innovations.

The EXPO offers 150+ Exhibitors providing every possible product and service

Guy and Mike had a great time visiting the EXPO meeting both existing and new connections.  All involved put on an excellent show!

Delivery Nozzles

Have fluid to dispense? Look no further than the Engineered Delivery Nozzle

The Engineered Delivery Nozzle is manufactured in two main designs, manual and automatic.  The manual design simply works on trigger movement.  Pull the trigger to open the valve, let go of the trigger to shut the valve.  The Automatic design works similar to that of a petrol station nozzle.  Pull the trigger to open the valve and when the drum, cask or container is full the nozzle senses the back pressure and cuts off automatically removing the risk of overfilling.  They are available in sizes from ½” through to 2” with a choice of straight, 90˚ or angled spouts.  Vapour recovery is also available on request.

There are nozzle designs available for all manner of liquids and gases, including Corrosive Chemicals, Poisonous Gases, Flammable Fluids and for Hygienic Service.

Typical industries we supply to include

  • Food ( ½” Nozzles for egg custard)
  • Distilleries ( 1” nozzles with automatic shut off for Whisky cask filling)
  • Oil and Gas (2” Nozzles with Automatic shut off for kerosene)
  • Chemical (1 ½” Nozzles with a long filling lance and vapour recovery for toluene)
  • Pharmaceutical (½” Nozzles for perfumes)

This is just a selection, our nozzles have also been supplied for many more applications. They are used, not only for filling drums and casks, but also for fine dosing such as Laboratory usage, sampling and additive mixing.

In order to stop hazardous overfilling, why not consider our acid-proof PTFE lined Engineered Delivery Nozzle with automatic shut-off.  Of course if you are using a very cold product, go for the user friendly version with handle protection that can be operated wearing a glove.

All our Nozzles are made to order and can be customised to suit your needs, whether a long lance is required or an adapted end.

If you have a specific use or product in mind, challenge us and we will do our very best to create a solution for you. 

Royston Historic Vehicle Show

Proud Sponsors of Royston Historic Vehicle Show 2017

We are proud sponsors of the Royston Historic Vehicle Show 2017. The show coincides with the Royston May Fare that offers much more entertainment including coconut shires, local dance shows, dog shows, the town band and much, much more..

Everyone is welcome and it is free of charge.  Pop down and take a look!

The vehicle show takes place at the Royston Town Hall car park from 11am-2pm on Monday the 1st May 2017.


Couplings Range

Quick, Safe and Spill Free

A Coupling is a device used to unite two product lines together via a quick, safe and spill free connection.

Couplings are used in many industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, aviation, and marine.  As well as more specialised markets such as bulk powder transfer, brewery finished products, food and pharmaceutical.

Our most commonly supplied coupling, the Dry Disconnect Coupling, is used for connection and disconnection of fluid hoses and pipelines.  They work on the “push and turn to connect” system, and when coupled you have full flow.  Similarly to disconnect, “turn and pull” and then it is released with no spillage.  Dry Disconnect Couplings are our standard choice for handling liquids and are available in sizes from ½” to 8” in materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Hastelloy.  If you are unsure, please give us a call and we will help to advise the correct product for you.

Our EWFM range also includes Aviation Couplings, Cryogenic Couplings, Gas Couplings, and Engineered Couplings.  We also supply the API Liquid Coupler for bottom loading tankers, and the  API Vapour Coupler.

Take a look at our Engineered Couplings which are manufactured in a variety of materials including a 100% metallic free version.  Did you know we also offer them in a Hygienic range for food grade equipment?

There is already a wide range of tank units and hose units available but also, for the coordinated amongst us, you can order your couplings with selectivity, a range of handles and in a whole variety of colours.

We have a good reputation for quality and service; please give us a chance to quote.